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Indonesian, Filipina Helpers Charged With Murder of Indian Driver in Sharjah

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Two household service workers in the United Arab Emirates have been charged with adultery and premeditated murder of a co-worker at their employer’s house.

The two suspects, an Indonesian, 32, and a Filipina, 35, reportedly wanted to get rid of the victim, MRR, an Indian man, 43, who threatened and blackmailed them. The Indian man allegedly slept with both of them and grew jealous.

Sharjah Police received the information on October 14, 2014 that an Indian man was found lying on his back in his room located in Sharjah’s Al Qarain area. As initial probe apparently showed no crime motive, the body of the victim was brought to nearby Al Qassimi hospital. The man, according to reports by Khaleej Times, stopped breathing for unknown reason. When it was examined at a Sharjah laboratory, a criminal motive behind the man’s death was revealed. Marks on the man’s neck indicated he was strangulated with a piece of clothing.

Police authorities later visited the site and soon led to the involvement of the maids. When confronted, the Filipina maid allegedly confessed that she connived with her Indonesian colleague to kill MRR. The Indonesian maid initially denied involvement but later confessed to the crime.

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The two maids had been working for the same family for three years and had their room next to the victim’s. When the Indonesian helper claimed to be in a relationship with an Afghan driver for two years, the Indian driver reportedly started abusing her and threatened to inform her sponsor about the relationship. He then took advantage of her and began touching her after watching pornographic movies in his room.

The two helpers allegedly setup the murder of their colleague and decided that the Indonesian maid would have sex with MMR while their employers were out, drug him so that the murder can be carried out quickly. After the Indonesian maid went to the driver’s room, had sex with him and drugged him, the Filipina maid joined and the duo strangled the victim. Once they were certain MRR was dead, the suspects cleaned up the room and left.

The next day, the maids acted as if nothing happened, bringing breakfast to the victim’s room as usual. Once inside the room, one of them shouted that the man did not wake up and notified their sponsor, who later reported the case to the police upon visiting the victim’s room and saw his body.

When asked, the two women said they chose a cord as it would barely leave any trace as the Indonesian maid said she was an unmarried Muslim and admitted she had sex with the victim and another man.

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During the court hearing, however, the Indonesian maid denied the accusation and pleaded not guilty to charges as the Filipino maid had confessed that they both killed the man and agreed to help her friend.

The presiding judge adjourned the case to May for defence and also for the family of the victim to begin court procedures.

The victim’s brother who had first appeared in court told Khaleej Times that, “the two heartless women should receive capital punishment.” He said his family was still in shocked and added that the victim had always been a quiet person.

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