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Things You Should Avoid Bringing into UAE

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an Islamic country. Like Saudi Arabia, they have common practices that help preserve their history, culture and practices. Anyone who wishes to travel to UAE should be reminded that there are certain things and items that are prohibited or not permitted to enter into the country. Want to find them out? Read on.

People who enter the UAE are advised not to carry the following substances, food products and items:

  1. Drugs. Prohibited substances include cocaine, opiates, gutkha, beter leaf, etc. Bringing of illicit drugs and recreational drugs are punishable by law.
  2. Narcotics. By and large, the use of narcotics is uncontrolled since excessive use of these substances can impair a person’s memory and judgment. See list of narcotic drugs that are under international control.
  3. Pornographic materials. Pornography — may be in any form CDs, magazines and physical things — are strongly banned and are illegal in Gulf countries including UAE.
  4. Fireworks. While Muslims do not celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the main reason why fireworks are prohibited in UAE is to avoid serious accidents.
  5. Non-Islamic religious items such as Bible, rosary and crufixes. Needless to say, UAE is an Islamic country. Anything that’s not associated with the Islamic faith might be in trouble.
  6. Weapons and ammunition. Bringing of weapons and ammunition is part of the gun law and gun control in UAE to avert armed violence, crime and firearm homicide.
  7. Organic fertilizers. Fertilizers may contain ammonium nitrate which is explosive.
  8. Laser pens. Laser pens are banned in UAE to protect pilots from glaring and temporary flash blindedness which could have resulted in terrible accidents.
  9. Paintings and sculptures. Islam stands firm against idolatry. This explains why sculptures and paintings are not acceptable to Muslim countries.
  10. banned_items_dubai

  11. Cigarettes and liquor drinks. Muslims should not smoke or drink. Even the electronic cigarettes are banned in UAE. There is no single advertisement about cigarettes in Gulf countries like UAE.
  12. Pork products including canned ham and chips with pork flavoring. Islam forbids pork consumption. It is bad to health and many times Allah condemns eating pork in the Quran.
  13. Pirated CDs. UAE and other Islamic countries are the worst places for music and software piracy. Gulf countries are under the protection of Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA) policy which is a comprehensive anti-piracy program.
  14. Counterfeit currency. It is clearly illegal to own counterfeit money, make fake money or phony a money currency.

Do you know that…

  • Wearing anything red during Valentine ’s Day is prohibited.
  • There are no movie theaters in UAE to avoid men and women from mixing.
  • UAE has no active music industry. Concerts, music lessons and formal schools are banned.
  • Only men are allowed in public gyms and sports centres.
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Bringing of banned and prohibited items can lead to confiscation of the items, imprisonment, capital punishment or even death penalty for drugs.


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  1. Some dork who’s never been to Dubai obviously wrote this crappy article – or, whoever the writer was, he / she was probably living in a cave. Really, no concerts in Dubai? No movie theaters? Be real.

  2. I agree with my co – critics against the ignorance of the
    writer/publisher of this article regarding Dubai. It was very obvious that he or she didn’t come over in this beautiful and free city wherein alcohol and pork are saleable/available at designated shops by the municipality.

  3. i have been here in dubai several times and its here where i eat.pork… i saw people in shorts walking with their Bf or husband but its not prohibited. come to dubai some of what you have written about dubai are all contradictory, there is freedom in Dubai


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