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Worried Wife Seeks DFA Help As Husband Jailed in UAE

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A wife of a Filipino worker jailed for abandoning his job in the United Arab Emirates is asking for help from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Marian Calago said on weekend that her husband, Lary Calago, has been detained in the Sharjah Central Jail for almost one month now after he was sued for abandoning his job.

Marian, who is based in Palawan, said she is worried about Lary as they have not been in communication right now.

In an interview Friday with Liza Jane Estalilla, officer-in-charge of the DFA in Palawan, she said they have already sent a request to the Philippine embassy in Abu Dhabi for information regarding Lary and the status of his case.

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Estlilla said they are waiting for updates from the Philippine mission in the UAE while she asked for understanding from the Calago family saying that it is not easy to get information about Filipinos in jail in the Middle East.

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