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Life in Jail for Two Pakistan Men Who Abducted, Molested Filipina Job Applicant

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Two Pakistani men who was charged in court for kidnapping and molesting a Filipina after posing as prospective employers were sentenced to life imprisonment by a Dubai court.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance ordered the sentence against MK, 30 and SF, 32, who also will both be deported after serving their sentences.

According to court records, SJ, 37, a Filipina job seeker was actively looking for a job in Dubai and posted her CV online. On May 26, she received a phone call from SF, who claimed he was tasked by his employer to meet her for an interview.

“He agreed to meet me at Al Ghubaiba bus station. He arrived in a blue car and asked me to go with him and the driver to Abu Dhabi where the company was located. I sat in the back seat while they were in the front. On way, they stopped at a petrol station and bought some food.

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“SF sat on the back seat next to me and asked me to eat with him, while the other was driving the car.

“SF then started groping my body and I resisted him before he lifted me and forced me sit on his lap. I moved my body and sat on the seat. He later threatened me to be quiet. I tried to open the door but it was locked. He took my bag, Dh300 and my mobile phone,” SJ said.

The duo took turns in driving and groping SJ before the stopped in a deserted area on the highway and tied the woman with a mobile phone charger, pinner her and undressed her.

The two stopped short of raping the woman when they found out she had her period.

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The two defendants denied the charges when they first appeared before the court in February.

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