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How to Obtain Alcohol License in the UAE

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While United Arab Emirates, under Sharia Law, prohibits the sale and consumption among its Muslim population, non-Muslim based workers in the United Arab Emirates are granted exemption and are allowed alcohol consumption provided that they follow certain guidelines.

Except in Sharjah, where alcohol consumption is banned, hotels and clubs across the rest of the UAE are allowed to serve alcoholic drinks.

In addition to having these shops obtain license to sell and serve alcohol, patrons also need to obtain license to drink.

A. Obtaining new alcohol license:

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1. Choose application method.

a) Apply online here:


b) Collect application form from African + Eastern or MMI.

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2. Complete the form and get it stamped and signed by your employer.

Attach copies of:

  • Passport, Residence Visa and Passport Photo
  • Tenancy Contract or NOC from your landlord
  • Either:
    – Labour Contract (issued by the Ministry of Labour), or
    – Salary Certificate if you work in a Free Zone (issued by the Free Zone Authority)

3. Visit MMI or A+E to submit your application form and documents together with the AED 160 municipality fee.
You will be notified when your licence is ready for collection

B. Renewing your alcohol licence

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1. Complete the application form and submit it with copies of your passport, residency visa, tenancy contract, expired liquor licence and AED 160. If your employer and visa hasn’t changed no other documents will be required

Terms & conditions

  • You must be non-Muslim and over 21 years old
  • You must earn in excess of AED 3,000 per month
  • You must be a resident of Dubai and if your visa is stamped in another Emirate other than Dubai or if you are employed by a company in any of Dubai Free Zones you will require a NOC from the Police Station of your visa Emirate.
  • If you are self employed you will need to provide a copy of your Trade Licence.
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