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4 Common Mistakes Dubai Job Applicants Make

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Applying job in the Middle East, particularly in bigger cities like Dubai can be a challenging task, especially with limited skill, lack of experience and less than presentable credentials.

But even with the right skill and employable credentials, many job applicants commit these mistakes.

1. Randomly applying for jobs.
This approach is similar to submitting an entry to a raffle draw hoping the submission gets drawn and wins the prize. Many applicants, especially newcomers make this mistake, smacking desperation with “willing to accept any available job” phrase in the cover letter.

Needless to say, this is a wasted effort, especially if you the applicant have no relevant skill needed in the company, or the job is most likely offered to locals with certain skills such as Arabic language.

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2. Falling prey to fake job offers.
Maybe the permit to stay in Dubai is nearing expiration, an applicant becomes vulnerable to predators disguised as recruiters or company bosses, some of whom collect money for the purported job offer.

Other tactics could lure female victims into sex trade or become victims of human trafficking doing illegal jobs as undocumented worker.

3. Posting false information on CV.
Apparently to attract attention of recruiters and get invites for a job interview, you embellish your skills, lengthen your experience and add job experiences you never had.

You may get lucky to get that call, but it’s doubtful you’ll be called for interview if you fumble simple questions taken randomly from your so-called credentials laid out in your CV.

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4. Failure or refusal to expand your network.
Sometimes jobs are easier to get if a former acquaintance or a close friend who can vouch for your skill and competency inside the company.

But if you fail to connect with a former colleague or client at least through LinkedIn or Facebook, you might easily get forgotten unless you have established a strong skillset that people easily associate with your name.

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