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How Foreign Workers Can Take Up Part Time Jobs in UAE

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Based on experience, foreign workers who wish earn more income have limited options if they are not allowed to work part-time. It’s because the condition of an employment contract often stipulates they are forbidden to take up another job. If you have a stable job, decent amount of spare time to earn extra money, it’s not surprising you’d like the idea of getting a part-time job.

The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation allows you to opt for a part-time job by obtaining a work permit.

Get to know if you belong to those who are eligible to accept part-time jobs.

Who can apply for work permit

A temporary work permit and a part-time work permit shall be issued to the following categories:

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1. Employees registered at the Ministry who hold valid labour cards.
2. Persons who meet the conditions to be granted work permits based on the residency of their families.
3. Students over 18 years of age.
4. Government employees.

Validity of the work permit

The part-time work permit is valid for one year and must be renewed after the completion of the year.

Documents required:

1. Valid passport and visa copy
2. One passport size photograph with white background
3. NOC from your existing full-time employer
4. Copy of your labour card / Emirates ID / labour contract
5. Labour Establishment card for both companies; (if applicable)
6. Passport copy of the Sponsor (If you are sponsored by your husband or father)

Procedure of applying for a part-time permit

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Once all your documents are in place, the prospective part-time employer has to submit them through Tasheel Authorised centre.

The part-time company has to submit the documents and make the following payment:

a. Application fees of AED153
b. Part-time labour card fees of AED553

When is a NOC required?

One of the most important documents for procuring your part-time work permit is a No Objection Certificate from your existing employer.

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The law says – Approval from the entity where the applicant works in case of part-time or temporary work, if he works at another establishment.

Cases where the approval is not needed:

The Ministry may approve issuing the worker a temporary work permit without the need for the consent of the establishment where the employee works and without the necessary validity of his residency and labour card in the event that the employee has an ongoing labour complaint referred by the Ministry to the court.

The Ministry, at its discretion, may issue the employee a part-time work permit for more than one establishment.

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