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Dubai Police Warns ATM Users to be Vigilant

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Dubai Police has warned the public using automated teller machines at shopping malls, fuel stations and convenient stores to be vigilant when dispensing cash from these machines.

Lt Col Jamal Salim Al-Jallaf, Deputy Director, Dubai CID, Management and Control, said while the use of micro fraud cameras and spying machines to steal customers bank details are rare in the UAE, customers should be alert while withdrawing cash from cash vending machines, a report from Emirates247 said.

Lt Col Al-Jallaf advised ATM users to make withdrawals during daytime when it is easier to detect suspicious devices that may have been installed, and avoid withdrawing cash at night at machines located at remote locations.

While the risk of ATM fraud is relatively low in the emirate, investigators at Al Qusais Police Station are still investigating incident where perpetrators have installed a micro camera and spying device at one ATM of an Abu Dhabi-ased bank placed in a convenience store to steal PIN numbers of users.

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Modus operandi of ATM fraudsters often employ placement of micro cameras close to the ATM keypad to record customer PIN, while gang members linger around the area monitoring the video feed from a safe distance such as vehicles parked nearby.

“Always watch for suspicious objects or people around the ATM machines and take care of the PIN numbers. Always examine the ATM machines key boards and card inserting slot and other spots of the machine for any hidden devices. After withdrawing the cash, don’t carry it in hand, but put in your pocket. Never forget to take out the ATM cards after withdrawing cash,” Lt Col Al-Jallaf urged the general public.


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