Friday, March 17, 2023

More UAE Companies Open to Hiring Part-Time Workers

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Companies in the United Arab Emirates looking to hire more staff while saving on high cost of recruiting international talent are increasingly open to the idea of employing part-time workers, according to Gulf News.

A Dubai-based temporary staff provider said more organizations in the information technology, telecommunications, retail, oil and gas, financial services and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries, are employing staff on a temporary basis to save time and money.

Multinational companies, local conglomerates and quasi-government agencies are most likely to hire temporary or part-time staff. While roles related to customer support and banking are mostly supportive of the idea of hiring temporary staff, opportunities are also found in sales, business support and IT sectors.

“A lot of companies in Dubai are hiring temporary staff. Taking advantage of a local highly skilled talent pool that would not want to work permanently but are willing to work as flexible staff is a lot cheaper than re-locating talent from abroad,” Abbas Ali, vice president of TASC Outsourcing, told Gulf News.

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Forty-five per cent of the 184 employers feel positive that hiring temporary staff helps their businesses save administrative and manpower costs.

Photo credit: Rufus Leonard
Photo credit: Rufus Leonard

The news comes as a boon to those based in the UAE who don’t have permanent work but possess a valid UAE visa and work qualifications such as dependents of family members who are based in the country.

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