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How to Apply for NBI Clearance in Dubai

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Even when Filipinos are already working abroad, NBI clearance, the document that serves as proof a Filipino citizen is cleared of any criminal record, is still occasionally required for documentation of work, migration or other legal purpose.

That is why Philippine consulates and embassies abroad have facilities that receive applications for NBI clearance.

In Dubai, the process is straightforward.


  • Photocopy of completed NBI Form (Form available at the Consulate General in Dubai).
  • Copy of applicant’s passport
  • Procedures for the Issuance of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance Certificate
  • Payment of AED100 per document
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  1. Secure NBI Fingerprint card (NBI Form No.5) at the Consulate General.
  2. Fill out the personal data called for on both sides of the card truthfully and legibly.
  3. Request the assistance/endorsement of the consulate general/Police Agency to have your fingerprints impressed (Rolled Impression) on the appropriate spaces. The person who impressed your fingerprints should sign his name and state his official designation on the space provided for in the card.
  4. For married women, the order of writing is as follows: Your maiden surname (family or surname of your father), Your first name or given name, Your maternal surname (maiden surname of your mother), Your husband’s surname or family name (space provided, No.2)
  5. Attach a latest copy of your 2” x 2” photograph (white background), taken within three (3) months before this application at the appropriate box in NBI Form No.5.
  6. Upon completion of the requirements, send the send back the Form to NBI and enclose Money Order in the sum of Php200.00 or any currency/bankdraft of its equivalent which is negotiable in the Philippines payable to the Director,
  7. national Bureau of Investigation, Taft Avenue, Ermita 1000, Manila, Philippines.
  8. NBI will mail back to you the corresponding clearance certificate after your application papers have been processed.
  9. Upon receipt of your clearance certificate, examine it for the presence of the embossed NBI Dry Seal at its lower left portion, the clearance is invalid without it. Also, you must affix your clear and properly taken Thumbprint on the space provided for it in the clearance certificate before submitting it to your end user, otherwise, your clearance will be subjected for further verification/authentication and will cause the delay of your immigration requirements.

General Procedures:

  1. Fill out appropriate Application Form.
  2. Prepare two (2) sets of documents including attachments and passport copy.
  3. Proceed to Notary Window for processing.
  4. Pay appropriate fee at the Cashier (Room 3).
  5. On release date, proceed to Releasing Area and present your receipt.

Processing Schedule:
3 working days

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