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How to Apply for Police Clearance / Good Conduct Certificate

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Update: As of April 1, 2018, Good Conduct Certificate is no longer necessary when applying for a job in the UAE.

Good Conduct Certificate has become a requirement for those looking for work as an assurance for employers that job applicants have no prior criminal record and therefore fit for employment.

Who are eligible to apply?
UAE nationals and residents of the United Arab Emirates

Which documents are required for application?

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Active email address
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How much does the service cost?

  • AED100 – Certificate for UAE national
  • AED200 – Certificate for UAE resident
  • AED300 – Certificate for applicant outside the UAE
  • AED10 – Knowledge fee
  • AED10 – Innovation fee

Where to apply for this service?

  • 24h/7d – Dubai police website
  • 24h/7d – Dubai police mobile app
  • 24h/7d – Call center 901 (enquiries)
  • Offices – 7:30am – 2:30pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Which government agency is responsible for its implementation?

  • Police Stations
  • General Department of Criminal Investigation

Where do I contact for more details?

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