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How Filipinos in Philippines, UAE Can Apply For Certificate of Good Conduct For Dubai Jobs

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In an effort to make the United Arab Emirates one of the safest countries in the world, its government has decided that beginning February 4, 2018, applicants of work visas are required to furnish a ‘certificate of good conduct.’

In a decision made by the Council of Ministers in 2017 and adopted by the Dubai Police Coordination Committee, applicants should provide the certificate from his or her home country or from the country of residence where the applicant has been residing for the past five years. Such documents should be certified by the UAE missions abroad or attestation centers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Those who are already in the UAE and switching jobs from one company to another need not provide this certificate. Those that require can apply at Dubai Police or Abu Dhabi Police for a certificate.

For Filipinos living the UAE, a certificate of good conduct is similar to the NBI Clearance which can be obtained from the National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines. Thankfully, it is not necessary for Filipinos to apply for such document in the Philippines.

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How Filipinos Can Apply for Certificate of Good Conduct in the Philippines
For those who wish to work in Dubai, Filipinos who are in the Philippines may follow the following:

1. Apply for NBI Clearance at nearest authorized office (or apply online).
2. NBI Clearance obtained must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
3. NBI Clearance obtained must be attested by the UAE Embassy in Manila.

How Filipinos in Dubai Can Apply For Certificate of Good Conduct

1. Obtain NBI clearance application form (NBI Form No. 5) at the Philippine Consulate in Dubai.
2. Fill out the Form completely.
3. Go to the nearest police station in Dubai for finger printing which should be rolled impression.
4. Return to the Philippine Consulate to have the NBI Form 5 notarized and the apply for a Special Power of Attorney authorising your representative in the Philippines to submit accomplished Form 5 to the NBI.
5. Upon release of NBI clearance, your representative will also request for the authentication of document with the DFA, and apply for the attestation of the NBI clearance at the UAE Embassy-Manila.

Documents Required to Apply for NBI Clearance

  • Accomplished Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
  • Original and photocopy of NBI application form with fingerprint specimen and signature of police officer who processed the fingerprinting
  • One 2X2 ID photo on white background to be attached in the NBI Form 5
  • Four copies of applicant’s passport identification page
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Hon. (Mr.) Paul Raymund P. Cortes
Consul General
No. 234-851 Villa At Al Qusais Area 3
P.O. Box 94778, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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