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How to Sponsor Dubai Residence Visa for Your Family

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A residence visa allows a current resident of Dubai to sponsor his family members including the spouse, child, parents and parents-in-law. This article is a guide for Filipino expats who want to relocate their family to Dubai by way of a residence visa.

dubai_residence_visaImportant: There is no direct way to obtain a residence visa. In the majority of cases, sponsored individuals should first apply for entry permit and thereafter, upon the arrival of the sponsored party, they have 30 days to file for residence permit. Nowadays, the consulate has becoming stricter when it comes to issuance of residence visa to sponsored families as a result of explicit abuse of the visa system.

General Requirements

  1. The following are the general criteria to sponsor family under residence visa:
  2. A monthly salary of AED4,000 or AED3,000 + accommodation
  3. Medical insurance policy for the sponsored party (AED 600 per year)
  4. Salary certificate from employer
  5. Work contract
  6. Bank statement or bank certificate
  7. Tenancy agreement (need to be stamped at Land Department in Dubai)
  8. Emirates ID card, labour card
  9. Passports (original and photocopy)
  10. Medical check-up report
  11. Proof of relationship (for parents)
  12. Marriage contract (for spouse)
  13. Good criminal records (the sponsored party should undergo a criminal check)

For Parents: The resident party should sponsor both the parents. The sponsoring party must also provide a proof that he or she is the only provider of the parents and nobody else could take care of them. In the event of a diseased parent, the sponsoring party should provide a proof for such.

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For Wife/Husband: If sponsoring a husband or wife, the aforementioned qualifications need to be followed except for the monthly salary which may sometimes vary depending on the nature of job of the sponsoring individual. Be informed that sponsored spouse doesn’t have working rights unless he or she is issued with a labour card or work permit.

Step by Step Procedure of Obtaining Residence Visa for Family

  1. Comply the needed documents and submit them to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai along with a letter appealing for the grant of residence visa.
  2. Wait for the approval of committee which runs up to 2 weeks.
  3. If approved, complete the additional forms and pay the necessary fees.
  4. Proceed to the residency section and supply the needed documents.
  5. Entry visa will be sent through a courier (Empost).

Estimated Fees for Dubai Residence Visa

  • AED 5, 000 – refundable deposit
  • AED 100 – application fee and typing fee
  • AED 370 – equivalent to a three-year visa
  • AED 100 for urgent application
  • AED 10 Empost fees

Expiration of Dubai Residence Visa
Dubai residence visa becomes invalid when it reaches its expiry date usually 2 to 3 years. If the sponsored individual goes out the UAE (e.g a wife to give birth in the Philippines), expiration is quicker which is 6 months. If the visa is expired, the visa must first be cancelled prior to the application or reapplication of a new visa.

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  1. This article ask a big salary but in Dubai they just offer a small salary which is not enough for you and your family in the Philippines.If you raise OFW salary we can sponsor our family right….


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