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Cost of Living in Dubai

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According to the Statistics Brain, Dubai is named as the 22nd most expensive city in the world and the most pricey emirate in the Middle East (2012). However, despite living in Dubai costs an arm and leg, the emirate remains to be one of the most livable places from a global standpoint. The following summarizes the average costs of living in Dubai.

Monthly average cost of Living in Dubai is $ 2, 900.

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Monthly utilities
Monthly average cost: AED 1, 500
Unlike other countries, tenants pay the water and electricity bills in Dubai including a sewerage fee. Expect bills to be higher during summer.

Monthly average cost: AED 1, 000 to AED 2, 100
The cost of accommodation in Dubai depends on the type of building or infrastructure. Villa with a swimming pool is more expensive than apartment at approximately AED 2, 000 per month. Meanwhile apartment starts from AED 1, 000. Internet connection is not free of charge. An additional of AED 110 is levied for web connection.

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Air-conditioning device
Monthly average cost: AED 1, 000 to AED 5, 000
Dubai is a very hot country and all buildings in the emirate are operated by air conditioning system. Air conditioning devices are of essential in order to survive in a country with an arid climate. Depending on the infrastructure, villa and large companies acquired the highest charge.

Internet service
Monthly average cost: approximately AED 250 (excluding the installation fee)
So, imagine what life is without the Internet? You will surely get behind and get lost without this invention! Extra charge will be employed for faster and updated Internet versions.

Monthly average cost: AED 350 to 550
It will be indeed very expensive if one doesn’t do the cooking at home. In Dubai, accommodations don’t have gas mains, so people either purchase gas canisters and tanks. Refill costs for this gas system ranges between AED 60 and AED 120.

Monthly average cost: AED 30, 000 to AED 2 million
If you are staying for good in Dubai – with your family – you will probably need a car. Commuting everyday from and to work can be very costly. The minimum fare of taxi in Dubai is AED 10 but this is just a short-distance destination.

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Monthly average cost: AED 150 to AED 200
Food expenditure in Dubai is relatively tolerable across all salary levels. However, eating out can cost an arm and a leg and it’s another story!

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  1. This guy’s smoking pot when he wrote the article. What kind of car would have a monthly average cost of 30k to 1 million? Is that a gold-plated, diamond-studded Porsche 911?


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