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How Filipinos Should Behave During Dubai Ramadan Season

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Among the most celebrated events of Muslims, Ramadan is the most special and the most anticipated. There is no exact date of Ramadan. Muslims make use of moon-sighting to determine Ramadan dates. Yet, this year, the Ramadan season is set to commence on May 5 and to culminate on June 4 in 2019. This article is a guide for Filipinos how they should behave during Dubai Ramadan season.

The greatest endeavor Muslims are facing during Ramadan is when they fast for 30 days from dawn until sunset. Dubai is a hot country, so imagine how this becomes a genuine endeavor for every Muslim. As a non-Muslim, how should we observe Ramadan?

Read more about Ramadan. It is best to celebrate Ramadan with Muslims if one has a superficial grasp about what Ramadan is all about and how it is essential to Muslim brothers and sisters. If by no means one cannot go to seek for information on the web, ask a Muslim friend personally. Muslims don’t really mind asking about their religion. In fact, they are very welcome to talk about it.

Greet Muslims with so much gusto like “Ramadan Mubarak!” or “Ramadan Kareem!”. These simple greetings acknowledge that non-Muslims are in observance of Ramadan.

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· Non-Muslims need not fast. This is a very common misconception among Non-Muslims. Steer clear from showing up food in line of sight of Muslims. Also, avoid drinking water while talking or confronting them — and this includes a coffee break! Nevertheless, it is really up to the person if he/she wants to join his Muslim friend during fasting and dinner with him during Iftar.

Lend a hand. Muslims are physically weak during Ramadan. They don’t eat nor drink, and sometimes, they feel sick. Avoid assigning strenuous tasks to them during this time as they do not have enough strength.

Avoid talking with a Muslim of the opposite sex. For non-Muslims, talking with an opposite sex is fine and casual. However, this is not ordinary to Muslims. Male Muslims actually avoid eye to eye contact with their female Muslims as a sign of high regard.

Don’t disturb their sleep. A common observation among Muslims is they tend to sleep a lot all day and be alive during the night. Some people say that are like in slumberland to avoid not being physically strained due to fasting. Having said this, if possible, never interrupt their sleep. Sleeping, napping and resting are their ways to overcome weakness from not eating or drinking all day long.

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These are just some of the ways of how Filipinos should behave during Ramadan season in Dubai or in any Gulf country. Remember to be sensitive, be respectful and be attentive to their needs..

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