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Dubai Apartments: Guide to Apartment Hunting in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most coveted destinations of many foreign overseas workers from various parts of the world. Dubai apartments, therefore, play a significant role in your move to the Emirate.

Until the recent coronavirus scare that put the world at a standstill, the number of Filipinos who want to work and live in Dubai has never slowed down. Once the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

As expat numbers grow in Dubai, one of the many concerns of migrants is the accommodation or the place they can live in. This is because tenancy in Dubai is so much dear that people who are on a tight budget nearly cannot afford it.

Finding an apartment in Dubai that suits all your specific needs and budget can be difficult. Here are some tips on how to find Dubai apartments that meet your realistic expectations.

Important Steps During Your Dubai Apartment Hunting

Establish your budget

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In many cases, the rental price of an ideal dwelling does not align with the actual financial capacity. A dream house may just be way beyond a monthly income. Therefore it’s best to set an expected ceiling of the rental rate based on your monthly salary and other income sources. Experts advise on not exceeding 20% of monthly income and adjust accordingly depending on the availability of decent choices in the actual rental market.

Search online for Dubai apartments

Though it sounds a given, searching for your desired apartment in Dubai online will help you set expectations. Doing online research for relevant properties not only helps you find the right apartment for your needs but also finds the right neighborhood to search for them.

Better Homes, Property Finder, Fam Properties, and Bayut are some of where rental listings can be found.

Transact with a legitimate agent

It is easy to get fooled by unscrupulous people who have no authority to transact real properties. They can hide behind posters plastered on the street or users at online forums. If you wish to hire a real estate agent to help find an apartment in Dubai, make sure that the agent is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), whose registration is mandatory for any authentic real estate agent. Check the broker’s number and cross-check the same on RERA’s website.

Find apartments close to the workplace

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In most situations, an apartment further away from the business district is cheaper and more affordable for budget-conscious flat-hunters. It’s no different in Dubai. However, it can be a practical decision to choose the accommodation that is closer to where you work even if it’s more expensive. One reason is the rental difference may not be significant and saves you time and the extra hassle of going through the daily traffic and inconvenience.

Understand the neighborhoods

Besides the generic consideration for rental price and accessibility to public transport, workplaces, schools, and supermarkets, you may also be interested to find where neighborhoods of certain ethnic communities are located. For example, it is easier to find Filipino communities in Al Nahda, Bur Dubai, and International City, as well as access to Filipino restaurants and shops that sell Filipino products.

Understand the facilities available for your needs

Dubai residential units can be classified as villas or studio-type, 1-bed, 2-bed, or 3-bed apartments. If you live on your own, a studio apartment is more suitable for practical reasons. If you have a car, require a club facility for fitness, or a swimming pool, suitable apartments are available. Know your needs and have your requirements listed and match them with your target properties. Do not rush on deciding which apartments to settle if you have multiple considerations in mind.

Visit the property

If you have made up your mind and shortlisted a few properties, arrange a visit and examine the place. The impression you get from photos or even virtual tours is likely different from an actual ocular inspection.

Register with Ejari

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Once you closed a deal and signed a contract to rent a residential property, make sure to check the document before signing. While the property agent usually handles the documentation and paperwork, you must check all entries are accurate and according to your agreed terms.

Then, register the lease contract with Ejari, which literally means ‘my rent’ in Arabic. It’s an initiative of the RERA to regulate and manage Dubai’s rental market. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to register the rental contract.

dubai apartments

Take photos of the property

As you take over the residence as a tenant, take photographs of all areas in the apartment: bedroom, kitchen appliances, plumbing, state of paint, etc. This helps build a case when repairs and refurbishing are needed. Dubai landlords are usually friendly and reasonable, but having these visual proofs will help protect you from being charged in cases of damage and breakage that take place in the house.

Popular Dubai Apartments

1. Marina.
· Description: The most well-known apartment in Dubai. Shops and restaurants are built on the Marina ground floors.
· Good thing: Cheap accommodations
· Bad thing: Traffic is a problem. Poor parking spaces.
· Rent price: AED180,000 to AED265,000 (3-bed apartment)

2. Jumeirah Lakes Towers
· Good thing: It has very roomy apartments. It has more parking spaces.
· Bad thing: Quite expensive than Marina. In addition, it has fewer amenities.
· Rent price: AED35,000 to AED40,000 (one-bed apartment)

3. The Greens
· Description: It accommodates both low-rise and high-rise apartments.
· Good thing: The landscaping of The Greens is a good place for quietude.
· Bad thing: not mentioned
· Rent price: AED45,000 to AED60,000 (low rise one-bed apartment)

4. The Palm Jumeirah
· Good thing: Some people call it a “paradise”.
· Bad thing: Not all apartments are created equal such as some don’t have access to the pool.
· Rent price: AED65,000 to AED75,000 (one-bedroom apartment)

5. Downtown Burj Khalifa
· Good thing: It has many amenities and has good access to Dubai malls and other apartment complexes. Downtown Burj Khalifa also has terrific views.
· Bad thing: The very high quality of Downtown Burj Khalifa makes it pricey.
· Rent price: Starts at AED60,000 (one-bedroom apartment)

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