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Dos and Don’ts For Travelers in Dubai

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Whether you are flying to Dubai for a vacation treat, business or employment, there are some things one needs to be acquainted with before coming to the destination. Read on the do’s and don’ts in Dubai.


  • Greet people you meet. “Salam” means hello. Dubai people are genuine and friendly. They do love foreigners who know how to pay homage.
  • Dress in proper attire. Women are not allowed to wear strapless and sleeveless shirts. For men, avoid revealing the chest.
  • Only carry drugs with prescription. Drugs in any form are crucial in Dubai airports, public places, etc.
  • Always have someone to accompany you. Do not go out by yourself. And also, never take anything from strangers or don’t just leave your drinks unattended.
  • Respect. Respect. Respect. Any form of provocative act or sexual harassment is very displeasing. Touching women in public or taking photos with no permission is punishable by law. This also includes holding hands and kissing in public for not married people.
  • Know what to expect during Ramadan. Ramadan is the time when Quran was first revealed to Prophet Mohammad. Know how to act and react since during people this time hasve nothing to eat from dawn to sunset, so people are physically weak and ill-tempered.



  • Never go out with swimwear. Forget about showcasing your body in the beach. There are many ways to enjoy Dubai aside from sunbathing. As discussed previously, dress code for women in Dubai should not be too revealing.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Dubai. It is an offence if one gets caught with alcohol in the car. Alcohol is only allowed in private houses, legit bars and restaurants, and people who acquired an alcohol license.
  • Illicit heterosexual relationships are not tolerated in Dubai. Sex outside marriage and illegal cohabitation are strictly prohibited.
  • Homosexuality is unacceptable in Dubai. Gays and lesbians should be very cautious with their acts and language. Public display of affection and wearing clothes of an opposite sex can lead to deportation.
  • Do not argue about religion. Muslims have high regard for their religion. Be reminded that Muslims pray five times a day; so, expect for interruptions of activities such as operation time in shopping malls.
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Notwithstanding the fact that Dubai is considered as an “open city”, it should be mentioned that they still have their own set of cultural and religious beliefs. The things that are pretty normal to us may be indifferent and unacceptable to them.

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