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15 Violations and Fines for Violating UAE Coronavirus Precautions

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Both residents and visitors who disobey strict regulations imposed by the United Arab Emirates will face fines of up to AED50,000.

  1. AED50,000 fine for patients who refuse the compulsory hospitalization or continue to ingest prescribed medications despite being notified.
  2. AED50,000 fine for non-compliers with:
    • Home quarantine instructions as per home quarantine guides.
    • Quarantine instructions at private facilities determined by competent authorities and refusing to take the test again as per health procedures.
  3. AED2,000 fine for people leaving their homes during non-curfew hours except for performing vital jobs or buying necessities.
  4. AED3,000 fine for people leaving their homes during announced curfew times, except for necessary matters like buying food, medicine, health emergencies and for vital sectors exempted during curfew.
  5. AED1,000 fine for motorists who exceed the limit of passengers in their cars [more than three].
  6. AED1,000 fine for failing to wear medical masks in indoor places, by those suffering from chronic diseases, and people showing cold and flu symptoms or failing to maintain social distancing.
  7. AED50,000 and administrative closure for entities:
    • Violating the closure instructions of educational facilities, cinemas, gyms, clubs, malls, outdoor markets, parks, cafés, shopping centers and restaurants or for receiving customers.
    • Opening public parks, beaches, sports training centers, swimming pools and hotel pools without taking precautionary measures set by competent authorities -Failing to temporarily suspend cruise tours.
  8. AED500 will also be issued for visitors of the above entities AED10,000 fine will be issued for whoever invites or organizes gatherings, meetings, private and public celebrations. Participants will also be fined AED5,000.
  9. AED2,000 fine for violating precautionary measures issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention by passengers coming to the UAE from countries affected by communicable diseases.
  10. AED3,000 fine for:
    • Failing to take proper health measures regarding regulation of markets, roads, and other public places exempted from temporary closure.
    • Refusing to dispose any temporally structure, clothes, luggage or others proved to be contaminated or might be contaminated by any pathogen if they can’t be disinfected by established methods.
  11. AED10,000 fine for failing to take a precautionary measures by the crew of shelter ships.
  12. AED3,000 fine for violating the provisions of Communicable Diseases law when burying or transporting a dead body infected with communicable disease.
  13. AED5,000 fine for not following sterilisation procedures in public and private transportation.
  14. AED1,000 fine for unnecessary visits to health facilities.
  15. AED5,000 fine for refusing to conduct a medical test upon request.
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