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9 Reasons Expats Skip Dubai for Work

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Among the several countries in the Middle East, Dubai is among the most favorite destination of tourist workers. For many Filipinos, they describe the place as somewhat similar to their home country; so, they are less likely to get bored or experience homesickness. But, there are 9 justifications why people should skip Dubai for work.


Reason No. 1. Dubai is expensive.
This is the foremost reason why people had and should avoid Dubai. From rent to food to clothing items, Dubai costs lots of money.

Reason No. 2. Dubai is an arid land.
Dubai is naturally barren. There are no plants or trees — only soil, sand and particles! This also explains why Dubai is so hot.

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Reason No. 3. Dubai Experiences almost no rain.
It is very rare to rain in Dubai. Whenever there is rainfall, it is usually short and irregular. And guess what, sand storms are more common than rain showers! This is also the reason why Dubai is dead in water. Further reading: Climate of Dubai.

Reason No. 4. Dubai’s government does not allow expats to have full access of websites.
Certain Muslim countries block access to websites that are deemed offensive to their religious morals and practices. At times, this makes one difficult to contact or communicate with their family members to the other side of the world. UAE apparently is part of that group.

Reason No. 5. Dubai has many unwelcoming employers to expats.
Many Dubai employers are not nice to their workers. Dubai bosses place workers in longer contracts, take their passports, deduct salary without fair reasons and sometimes, hit them; this is very true to stay-in housemaids.

Reason No. 6. Dubai men stare a lot.
Many (not all) Dubai men always profoundly gaze to women. They lay eyes on non-Muslim women fixedly and with no limit. That sounds like an alarm to an unsuspecting foreign woman.

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Reason No. 7. Expect no alcohol sold in public restaurants in Dubai. Smoking and liquor drinking is a “haram” or a bad practice to Muslims. Any expat in Dubai should expect liquor drinks to be sold in private clubs. Also, because they are prohibited in the country, they are also sold in more expensive price tags.

Reason No. 8. Dubai practices different days off. Majority of the people on earth find rest on weekends that is, during Saturdays and Sundays. Well, expats working in Dubai could only take a break during Fridays. Thus there might be conflict of schedule when communicating with family in the Philippines.

Reason No. 9. Dubai is not an environmentally friendly place. Dubai produces lots of environmental wastes and they don’t employ any means to help Mother Earth. Metal cans and plastics are seen sporadically on streets.


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  1. Question to whoever wrote this article: what the hell were you smoking when you made this article up? And were you ever in Dubai? To please exercise prudence when selecting articles to feature in your website. Please ensure that articles are factual and professionally-written, not some amateur’s late-evening rush job. Reading about an article that explains Dubai’s hot summer season as a something due to ‘soil, sand and particles’ is pure hogwash, to say the least. There are a lot of errors, suppositions and pure BS in this article so please scrub this off and save us all the trouble.

  2. if you are happy go lucky people and love to to the same thing in the Philippines dubai is preferred for you but still it’s defend how you discipline yourselves to save money.. But if you want to save money and learn to discipline your self, go to Saudi Arabia but you must be more perseverance and more important patience..

  3. This writer has never been to Dubai. Counter comment for each reason. 1. Expensive rents due to amenities and AC flats, clothing & food buy the esentials only. 2&3 no worries of flood destroying ur home and has a lot of wide and clean parks for families. 4. Maybe ur browsing for porn, don’t use the Internet filter BS (heard of skype). 5. Do u prefer contractuals with low salaries??? 6. At least stare only not rape as in many cases in the Phil. 7. To control drunkards and unecesary activities. 8. As long as there is weekly off, no issue on this. 9. Seriously??? Beggars, slums and tambays are mor of an eyesore for most people — Kabayan

  4. Dubai is much better than here at KSA…., this article is not helpful for the Expats, especially for those planning to work in Dubai, including myself. Try to GO here at KSA, live,work,eperience and compare it to Dubai and then write to your article,which is good or better to work.

  5. hahahaha obviously this article is meant for those who are planning to go on a visit visa in order to find jobs a scaremongering tactic would this work? i dont supposed to it would…but most of the reason they mentioned here is not even a reasonable ones i know been there for more than 7 yrs & yes i have been to other middle east country namely ksa…

  6. Whats wrong with you? Giving review to a country you’ve never been with. Dubai is very clean every corner there’s a place were you can smoke and throw your garbage you will never see the street full of garbage. You can but branded clothes here because when they sale its cheaper than fake that you buy. You càn buy alcohol just apply for the license. And the bar in dubai is as many as sari sari store in the philippines. Local mens in Dubai are more respectful yes there are men who stares a lot but you can approach them and ask whats your problem because women are protected with dubai law. Because your an expat you cannot do what you do in your country if you dont like your job leave and then land to another job. Thats why theres a lot of nationalities here in dubai because they pay good depending on your capacity. If you are being maltreated by your employer you can always go to the labor office. You can connect with all the countries here all the social media maybe your problem is the porn site in that case maybe your the dangerous one. And next time you give advice be truthful because not all people is shallow as you. Your funny

  7. The reasons mentioned in the article are very shallow. No rain? Dubai men stare?Alcohols not sold in restaurants? Banning of websites (skype is allowed, torrenting is allowed, porn not allowed)? What the heck dude? Ang gumawa ng article na ito is pang Pilipinas lang. The main problems when working in Dubai are:

    1. Everything in Dubai is temporary. Unless you buy land here, you cannot become a citizen no matter how long you work. For those who wish to immigrate to a much better country then the Philippines, then Dubai is not for you. Or maybe only as a stepping stone to save money and migrate to Ausi / NZ / Canada like what we will be doing.

    2. There is a significant difference in the benefits received by locals and expats from the government. However, this is as it should be. They own the country anyway and we are just all contractors here. Also salaries are pretty skewered in favor of westerners and locals. Filipinos, indians, and other asian nationalities get much lower salaries with the same job and position as westerners and locals do.

    3. Dubai is not as liberal as the Philippines. Again, this is to be expected since this is a Muslim country. But Dubai is one of the most, if not the most open city in the Middle East. You can do almost anything that you do in the Philippines here in Dubai. There are much stricter laws here, that is why Dubai is very safe.

    4. The transportation system is very systematic, but not abundant. Thankfully, a good portion of people drive cars here so it is still not as hard as public transportation in let’s say Makati / Manila / Ortigas / QC during peak hours.

    5, It is very hard to land a managerial position in Dubai specially if you are a Filipino and work for the government. Naturally, they prioritize their locals and westerners for those positions and leave the technical and manual labor to expats.

    6. There are a lot of temptations here, for expats who leave their families behind, one can easily lose focus to the core objective why he came here for work, which is for family. For those who are adulterers, then Dubai is a sex haven for them. This, however, entirely depends on one’s personality and principles.

    7. During summer, it is VERY hot. During winter season, the climate is probably the best in the world, cold but without snow (like baguio).

    On the other hand, the benefits of working and living in Dubai far outweigh the constraints. Here are some of the main advantages.

    1. Much higher salary. An engineer working in the Philippines earns on the average php30k while in Dubai, one would earn at least 5 times that. It varies by profession between 2 and 5 times the salary.

    2. Approx. 20% of Dubai’s population are Filipinos. In every corner of Dubai, you will come across Pinoys. This is the only city in the world outside Philippines where you can find such distribution of Filipinos.

    3. Dubai is a very safe place. There are no muggings, side walk robberies, taxi robberies, ATM robberies, snatching, salisi gangs, akyat bahay gangs, and so on and so forth, and very rare rape and murder cases, You can walk at 3AM alone in the city and no one will bother you unless you are a prostitute. Or if they do, just ignore.

    4. Dubai is very clean. Unlike what the article says, Dubai is much cleaner than the Philippines in so many ways. There are initiatives by Dubai government to transform Dubai into a Smart City which includes automated systems, sustainable electricity supply, electric vehicles, piezoelectric stations, etc. As an Engineer, I know that the technology in the Philippines is pretty outdated as compared here.

    5. Cost of living is approx. 150% as compared to the Philippines. Rent aside, a kilo of Hasa Hasa here costs php150 and a kilo of pork costs php240 just to give an example. Rent is of course more expensive, e madiskarte naman tayong mga pinoy kaya nagkakaigi naman.

    6. No typhoons / floods.

    7. Since Dubai is a tourist destination, expats get to enjoy low cost and cheap but very beautiful tourist spots enjoyed by westerners. And there are more projects in the future to make Dubai one of the best cities in the world to live in.


  9. Been here in dubai for 8 years now. The only truth on these article was the high rent on accomodations.
    Do not write an article/comments to a place if you did not experience the daily life on it.


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