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10 Job Hunting Websites in UAE

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Overview on United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a collective term used to refer the seven royal territories or emirates situated on the Persian Gulf. The capital city of UAE is Abu Dhabi. UAE is the 2nd largest country following Saudi Arabia in Middle East. In terms of business and economy, UAE takes the 14th spot as the best nation in the world. Majority of the population in UAE are expats including Filipinos.


5 Reasons Why Work in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • UAE is tax-free. Gadgets and electronic appliances are sold in cheaper price tags because they are tax free!
  • Great salary income. UAE is home to the best-paying jobs in the world.
  • Beautiful place. UAE has great and flourishing tourism making it as one of the best tourist spots to visit.
  • High job opportunities. UAE has low unemployment rate. Due to expanding business and tourism across UAE, job opportunities for overseas workers are overflowing.
  • Stable economy. One can never go wrong in UAE. It has unwavering economy with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $ 377 billion in 2012.

10 Job Hunting Websites in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  1. Job Ibex. One of the newest job hunting sites in UAE.
  2. Dubai Job List. One of the best stops of recruitment agencies for job openings in UAE. Posting a job in the website is free.
  3. Bayt. Claims to be the Middle East’s No. 1 Job Hunting Website, Bayt also offers job openings in North Africa.
  4. Gulf Talent. Gulf Talent is one of the leading websites for jobseekers who want to work in the Middle East. The site also delineates some of the top hiring agencies for UAE.
  5. Nadia. Nadia is one of the most outstanding job hunting websites which provides good (if not great) salary for overseas workers.
  6. Monster Gulf. Monster Gulf is one of the most active job hunting websites and career resources in the Middle East.
  7. Gulf News Jobs. Gulf News Jobs provide the latest news and job opportunities in Gulf countries. The website is also lined with interview guides, employment laws and expert news.
  8. Career Jet AE. At present, there are approximately 242.446 jobs published in the Career Jet AE. It is easy to job hunt with Career Jet AE since job seekers can refine search by industry, location or region.
  9. Jobs in Dubai. Jobs in Dubai is a reliable job hunting website in UAE with over 1 million members throughout the world.
  10. The leading job website in the Philippines, Workabroad does not only provide job opportunities in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain but also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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