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7 Best Paid Jobs in Dubai

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Dubai has one of the most lucrative job markets. With the launch of Expo 2020, it is prospected that there will be 80, 000 new jobs created in the country’s construction sector. Let’s take a look of some of the top best paid and most lucrative jobs in Dubai.


# 1. Stock market dealer

Average salary (per month): AED 110,000 (Php 1, 354, 710)
Job description: A stock market dealer buys and sells shares and bonds in behalf of his investors.

# 2. Investment consultant
Average salary (per month): AED 100,000 (Php 1, 231, 554)
Job description: An investment consultant is an expert in finance industry. He provides financial guidance to investors in making monetary decisions based on the current facts and figures.

# 3. Public relations managing director 
Average salary (per month): AED 100,000 (Php 1, 231, 554)
Job description: A public relations managing director governs projects, programs and campaigns for the improvement of company’s image.

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# 4. Engineering Managing Director
Average salary (per month): AED 95, 000 (Php 1, 169, 976)
Job description: An engineering managing director oversees and ensures success of multiple engineering projects.

# 5. Investment Analyst
Average salary (per month): AED 85,000 (Php 1, 046, 821)
Job description: An investment analyst performs research about investment ideas that help fund managers in making decisions.

# 6. Private Banker
Average salary (per month): AED 80,000 (Php 985, 243)
Job description: A private banker holds and processes individuals account at a bank.

# 7. Senior Construction Director
Average salary (per month): AED 80,000 (Php 985, 243)
Job description: A senior construction director is the main responsible in the successful execution of major construction projects.

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# 8. Executive General Manager
Average salary (per month): AED 75,000 (Php 923, 665)
Job description: An executive general manager specializes on branding and marketing products and sales.

# 9. Procurement Specialist
Average salary (per month): AED 75,000 (Php 923, 665)
Job description: A procurement specialist manages and strengthens business relationships by overseeing order placements.

# 10. Financial Assistant
Average salary (per month): AED 70, 000 (Php 862, 088)
Job description: A financial assistant assumes a supportive role in maintaining accuracy of the financial data and records of company.

It should be mentioned that the above rates are just estimated average wage. Factors that affect job salaries include working experience, educational attainment, type of work, company or employer and job description.

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