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How to Register Child at Philippine Consulate in Dubai

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Law mandates that every newborn Filipino citizens overseas should be reported and registered at a nearby Philippine embassy or consulate in order to make all the necessary records to be established and citizenship formalized.

For this to happen these are the requirements and documents that the parents should be able to present at the Philippine consulate in Dubai for children born in the emirate:

  • Report of Birth Form (6 copies)
  • E-passport Application Form (if the parents conceived a child out of wedlock, the mother is responsible for the application)
  • Original Birth Certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Ministry of Health (6 copies)
  • Passport Photocopies of the parents (6 copies of data page only)
  • Personal appearance of Filipino parent(s) and infant/child

If the parents were married in the Philippines, both parents must present an original DFA authenticated NSO Marriage Certificate (red ribbon).

If they are married abroad, they must present an original DFA authenticated Report of Marriage and should report to the Philippine Post.

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If the parents were married in Dubai, the parents should present the original Marriage Certificate and Report of Marriage. If the marriage was already reported for over a year already, present the original DFA authenticated NSO Report of Marriage with the original Marriage Certificate and Report of Marriage issued by the Consulate General.

If one of the parents is not a Filipino Citizen, the Marriage Contract must be attested by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dubai. This should be processed first before the Report of Birth.

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If the parents were married in the UAE, they should be able to present the original Marriage Ceriticate with the stamp of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The parents shold also be able to file a Report of Marriage first.

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Process Report of Birth in the Philippine Consulate General – Dubai

  • Fill-out Report of Birth Form
  • Submit the required documents at the Passport Processing Area
  • Pay the courier fee
  • Pay AED 100.00 (The payment for the Report of Child Birth)

If there are errors on the processed documents you can make a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error in the Consular Report of Birth and present the following requirements.

  • Duly accomplished Form
  • NSO issued Report of Birth
  • A copy of the Consulate General issued Report of Birth
  • Passport copy – if this was already issued
  • Passport copy of both parents

Note: Have four (4) copies of each. This is to be filed at the Notary Processing Section.
Fee: AED 200.00

When the parents decide to process the Report of Birth, the infant also has to have a new passport to be process. The report should be computerized and signed by the Filipino parents.

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The dispatch number or reference number and date that the document was endorsed will be made available and is required by the NSO for the processing of an authenticated copy of the Birth Certificate.

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