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Understanding Visa Run in UAE

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Many individuals have worked in the United Arab Emirates for many years with just a standard tourist visa which lasts 30 days. Citizens coming from 33 named countries can get the visa free of charge such as those from the United States, Australia, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. They can acquire the visa as soon as they reach the UAE border. The visa also includes a 10-day grace period so people can actually stay for 40 days total. Overstaying can lead to heavy fines. 

Visa Run in UAE

visa_runThere is a regular way of extending your visa for another 30 days by paying about 50 rials and waiting in long lines. Others, however, prefer going for a visa run instead and save time. The process may be faster compared to other methods but requires some knowledge and research.

1. Preparing for the trip. The round trip from downtown Dubai is about 250 kilometers and will take just under 1 hour and 30 minutes if you’re traveling nonstop. Prepare your credit or ATM card, passport and pen. You will be heading for Hatta and will pass through red dunes and Oman. Many prefer to rent a car for the trip.

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2. Roundabouts and checkpoints. There is a roundabout at 37 kilometers. Afterwards, you will reach a minor checkpoint might require you to show your passport. Using the truck lane is much faster. After traveling 20 kilometers or more, your car rental insurance will no longer be valid so be sure to drive carefully. There will be other checkpoints along the way so keep your passport prepared. Follow traffic signs and directions that lead to Hatta. When you reach the Hatta Fort Hotel roundabout, follow directions that lead to Oman.

3. Border rules. When you reach the border, get your UAE exist stamp. Have the passport stamped at the window. Drive towards Oman customs. There will be another checkpoint and officers will most likely check the car trunk. You will also be given a customs paper slip. Eight kilometers further, you will find a big domed building along the Oman border. Follow directions indicating issuance of new visas. There is a parking area where you can leave your car.

4. Getting the visa. Enter the building through the front entrance and get an Oman visa application form. The visa costs about 20 20 rials. You can withdraw cash or pay using your credit card. Indicate that you do not intend to enter Oman but plan to renew your UAE visa. Pay the necessary fees then compete the form. Submit the form, customs slip and passport to the counter and request for an entry and exit visa. Your passport will be stamped with an Oman visa. The customs slip should also be stamped.

The building behind is where you will be issued a new UAE visa free of charge. Return to Dubai using the road to Hatta. The same checkpoints will be present along the way. The visa will be good for another 30 days. This is a more convenient process for UAE workers.

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