Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Can Wives Left At Home Sue Unfaithful Husbands in UAE?

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Question: My husband is a Filipino currently working in Dubai, while I am based in the Philippines. Now, I suspect that he maintains an illicit relationship with another Filipina and is living in with her. Can I report them to Dubai authorities, file a case against them while I am in the Philippines?

Ashish Mehta, founder and Managing Partner of Ashish Mehta & Associates, who maintains a column Legal View at The Khaleej Times, notes that engaging in extramarital affair or a sexual relationship outside of marriage or cites Article 356 of the Federal Law No 3 of 1987.

“Anyone indulging in the crime of indecent assault with mutual consent shall be punished by detention for at least one year. However, if the crime is committed against a male or female who is under fourteen years of age, or if the crime is committed by coercion, it shall be punished by temporary imprisonment.”

Mehta advises that if the suspicion has proof or merit, wives in the Philippines mayy considr filing a complaint against the unfaithful husband and his alleged mistress. Mehta adds that it is possible to seek the help of Dubai Police’s Al Ameen service which confidentially receives complaints or reports of criminal activity. Another option is to channel the complaint against the husband through a lawyer. However, authorities may require the plaintiff to be present to submit the complaint.

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  1. Hi good morning po.pwede po ako tanong. Ako ay isang dh sa dubai at ang asawa ko nasa pilipinas.at nag asawa ng iba.ang masakit lng po ay ang isang anak ko pinalayas ng bago nyang asawa ano po ang pwede makaso sa kanila..kasi kasal kmi ng asawa at nag pakasal cla uli.


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