Friday, April 26, 2024

Filipinos Warned Vs Bringing Balut into UAE

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It is illegal to bring the Filipino delicacy balut into the United Arab Emirates, the Philippine Consulate-General in Dubai has warned in an advisory.

Travelers are hereby warned against sneaking their hometown favorite after the Consulate received “several reports from various individuals regarding the confiscation of Philippine duck eggs (balut) upon entry into Dubai as ‘pasalubong’ (gift) from the Philippines.”

“Balut”, usually a 16- to 21-day-old boiled fertilized duck egg, is a popular Filipino delicacy but is also common in other Southeast Asian countries.

“The entry of commercial and non-commercial quantities [for personal consumption] of balut into Dubai without necessary customs/health certificates may result in confiscation by Customs authorities and possible delay in immigration clearance of the bearer,” the advisory read.

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There are already Filipinos caught with dozens of balut in their luggage. Import restrictions make bringing balut eggs disallowed in the UAE.


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