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Proper Dress Code in Dubai

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Among the countries in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is the least stringent country in terms of social practices. While migrants no holds barred in Dubai, this doesn’t mean however that they can do whatever they want in no respect to Islam’s social conduct especially when it comes to proper dress code.

Dress code in Dubai applies everywhere you go, including shopping malls, markets, streets, and public places. Nevertheless, you can wear whatever you want at home.

Dress Code Do’s in UAE

* Always wear clothes that cover from one’s shoulders to knees.
* Hide the cleavage thing. Never attempt to attract Muslim men.
* Keep underwear “unviewable” through the fabric.
* For men, keep shorts below the knee or at knee level.

Dress Code Don’ts in UAE

* Do not wear too tight clothes.
* Do not wear see-through garments.
* Do not wear bikinis at the beach or decide to do topless bathing. This is completely unacceptable.
* Do not wear shorts while going to public places.
* Avoid the following dress codes: tube tops, crop tops, Daisy Duke shorts, and very short playsuits.

UAE Dress Code

Alternative Wardrobe for Women

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The following are the common alternative wardrobe for women in Dubai.

1. Abaya. A full-length wardrobe for women usually black in color. This is also the common dress of Muslim women when they are out in public.
2. Pashminas. These are handy cover-ups available in vibrant colors. They can be placed ready in cars for emergency whereabouts and they are perfect for night outs too!
3. Boleros. You can put your strapless shirts on but with these short open jackets on top. Boleros can also be great wardrobe accessories for dress.
4. Cardigans. These are great wardrobe options to cover shoulders when going to parties or in ordinary places. Cardigans are available in varying colors and designs.

What Happens if You Don’t Follow the Proper Dress Code in Dubai?

Chill. Nobody gets imprisoned by wrong dress codes (unless you strip your shirt off in public!). If you are not in proper dress code or something is inappropriate on how you dressed, your attention will be called by anyone else — an authority, an expat or a Muslim woman. Isn’t it shameful if someone will approach you in the middle of the street and rebuke you about your dress? Nationals in Dubai expect their expats to know what to do and what not when they are in the country. So, having been scolded in public is really disreputable.

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