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Life in Sharjah: An Overview

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Sharjah is the 3rd most populous and largest city in UAE. It is situated along the north cost of the Persian Gulf. The emirate has this so-called Sharjah law in which consumption and trading of liquor products are punishable. Sharjah is one of the wealthiest cities in United Arab Emirates and the city is believed to have existed some 5, 000 years ago. This article is a sneak peak on what life is in Sharjah.

Interesting Facts about Sharjah
1. There are no night clubs and bars in Sharjah.
2. Alcohol is totally banned in Sharjah unless one has a valid alcohol license!

Climate. Sharjah has a very hot climate. It is known to have very hot summers (May to September); temperatures can be as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is irregular and is usually short.

. One of the community problems in Sharjah is the traffic jam throughout the city as a result of overpopulation and construction of tall buildings. Transportation vehicles in Sharjah are taxis, private cars and buses. Meanwhile, Dubai is a 15-minute ride from the city.

Culture. The city of Sharjah is active in culture preservation. Majority of the tourist spots in the emirate are museums, cultural centres, artistic galleries and scientific centres. Sharjah has no night life, so the place is quieter and less luxurious compared to other cities like Dubai.

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Economy. Most of the economic activities of Sharjah involve trading of used vehicles. The emirate is also well-known for its low cost airline which is a pioneering airline in the Middle East, the Air Arabia. To know more about the economy of Sharjah and see the latest updates, view this page.

Sports. Football and cricket are two popular sports in Sharjah. The city has a stadium called Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium but there were no international matches held in the place except for some other local matches.

Dress Codes. Sharjah is by far the most conservative emirate in UAE. People in the city are more reserved. Anyone who is caught violating Sharjah’s dress codes will be fined or arrested. Shoulders should be kept covered, women should not wear see-through garments or too tight clothing, shirts shouldn’t be printed with profane words and men are not allowed to wear very short shorts.

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Accommodation. Apartments and rental houses in Sharjah are much cheaper compared to other parts of UAE for as low as AED 1, 200.00 To know the cost of living in Sharjah, see this page.

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