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AED500,000 Fine, Prison For Filming People in UAE

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If you plan to  take a photo of anyone without prior permission or record a video footage of someone for documentary or other purposes, be aware that in the United Arab Emirates, it can be treated as invasion of privacy and can lead to fines of between AED150,000 and AED500,000 plus at least one year imprisonment, according to Gulf News.

This reminder comes as Dubai Police have arrested a man for filming another person while at a Roads and Transport Authority’s customer care center. But more than just taking the video, the suspect also posted the footage on social media, where the video went viral shortly.

In a series of tweets, the RTA maintained that the man who appeared in the video clip crying at the customer care center was not an employee of a taxi company, and does not bear any fines under his name.

“The man was at the headquarters to inquire about the Dh20,000 in fines against his relative who worked as a driver at the Cars Taxi franchise. An investigation is underway to determine the reasons for the driver’s fines,” said the RTA.

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“We would also like to emphasise that the relevant authorities have been notified to take legal action against the person who filmed and published the video.”

Further to this, Dubai Police warned the public not to take photos and videos of other people without obtaining their permission, as doing so is a crime punishable by law.

According to Federal Decree Law No. 5 of 2012 of the Cybercrime Law, residents who breach the privacy of others can face a hefty fine between AED150,000 and AED500,000, in addition to at least one year in jail.

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