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Why Abu Dhabi Airport is Popular with OFWs

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Here’s a list why the UAR-Abu Dhabi International Airport is the most favored departure point of OFWs in the United Arab Emirates when they are going home to Philippines.

First, for those who have business connecting flights, they have lounges in the airport itself to satisfy relaxation needs, providing well-appointed spas, hot meals and open bars. For first-class fliers, you could go to premium lounges that offer six-course buffet meals, including coffee, tea and desserts and an open bar that offers premium brands of liquor, beer and wine. The lounges also offer complimentary spa, facial massage and shower facilities. Needless to say, both are open 24/7.

Second, they have 24/7 shops and lounges for those who want to shop their stress away or to simply buy their last-minute souvenirs to gift their families and friends. Some people would even call this place the shopping mecca. You could buy high-ticket items here like jewelry, tax-free.

Third, they have Wi-Fi and charging stations.

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Fourth, perks of being a frequent flier are easy to accumulate. Long-haulers, mostly from New York to Manila takes only one and a half round trip to obtain silver status, allowing the passenger extra 10 kilos of luggage of an extra luggage for free. If you obtain gold status on American Airlines, you will be entitled to access to Al Reem Lounge for complimentary food and services.

For those with five or more hours of lay-over, you may do lounge hopping to alleviate your boredom. From the grand lounge to mini lounges next to boarding gates and free food to last-minute coffee drinks, travelers are given an experience only found at the Abu Dhabi Airport and nowhere else.

abu dhabi airport

What takes it one step higher is that they mostly appoint Filipino workers who will cheer you up with happy smiles and sunny attitudes.

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