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9 Offenses That Could Get You Fired From Your Job in UAE

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Under Labor Law of the United Arab Emirates, certain behavior of an employee can be grounds of outright termination from the job. Specifically, under Article 120 of Labor Law, an employer may dismiss an employee without prior notice under any of the following cases.

Submission of a false document.

If the worker adopts a false identity and submits of falsified or forged documents and certificates. This means you are faking your qualifications or provide academic certifications that do not exist.

Company scandal.

If the worker makes a mistake that had substantial effects on the employer or the company. This may be in the form of theft or damage to company property. The employer, however, has to report the event to the Ministry of Labour within 48 hours of its occurrence.

Disobedience of lawful orders.

If the worker disobeys instructions respecting industrial safety or the safety of the workplace, on condition that such instructions are in writing and have been posted up at a conspicuous place and, in the case of an illiterate worker, that he has been acquainted with them orally.

Failure to perform job duties.

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If the worker does not perform his basic duties under the contract of employment and persists in violating them even though he has been the subject of a written investigation for this reason and that he has been warned that he will be dismissed if such behavior continues.

Disclosure of company secrets.

If the worker reveals any secret of the establishment in which he is employed.

Court conviction.

If the worker is finally sentenced by a competent court for an offense involving honor, honesty or public morals.

Drunkenness or under influence of drugs.

If the worker is found in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of a drug during working hours.


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If, while working, the worker assaults the employer, the responsible manager or any of his or her workmates.

Absence without valid reason.

If the worker does not report from his work without a valid reason for more than 20 non-consecutive days, or more than seven consecutive days, in any one year.

These are some of the violations of a work that would likely lead to termination of an employment contract.

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