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Practical Tips To Remember Before Relocating to Dubai

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There are many things Dubai is well known for. Aside from it is one of the best and most sought-after tourists destinations in the world, people go to Dubai in the hope for greener pasture and better living. Before moving in or settling in Dubai, here are some things you should do and ought to remember.

Practical Things to Do Before Moving to Dubai

  1. Learn things about Dubai. Know the living conditions and possible expenditures. If you are taking the whole family (including children) with you, find the right place for them such as a community where school and health services are accessible.
  2. Sort out what goods to bring and not to bring. Things such as pornographic materials, guns and armors, pork meats, laser pens, paintings, fertilizers and religious values are prohibited to enter Dubai and in other parts of UAE.
  3. Do not bring as many electronic devices as possible. Due to incompatibility issue, your electronic appliance such as DVD may not work in Dubai. It is worth noting that gadgets and similar items are more affordable in Dubai than any other parts of the world.


Things to Bring and Things to Know

  • Make sure you have already exchanged your ‘home money’ to dirhams, the currency of UAE. While there are many money exchange centers in airports, their currency rate might be way cheaper.
  • Map. If you don’t have a map of Dubai, turn on your GPS for directions. This saves much of your time and money when you are not really familiar with the place. However, GPS may not always work in Dubai, as construction detours in the emirate may send shock to the device.
  • Buy a translation book. This comes in handy when speaking to Islamic people for directions.
  • Dress modestly. Compared to Riyadh or Jeddah, Dubai has lesser strict version of Sharia law. Notwithstanding, everyone should dress appropriately. The rule of thumb for woman is to never wear clothes that are very revealing and body fitting. Elbows and neck should be covered, if possible.
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Dubai malls and shopping stores observe mid day closing. This usually takes place between 1 and 4pm. It should be noted that during ‘sala’ or prayer time, businesses are temporarily closed and resume after the prayer.

Reminders and Warnings

  • Not like in many other non-Islamic countries, work days in Dubai are from Sunday to Thursday. Friday is a free day or day off.
  • Never aim your camera at any Arab woman.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in Dubai. Never bring one. A person can obtain or purchase alcohol provided that he has license to procure one. More importantly, never drive when you are drank. Police officials have zero tolerance to irresponsible drivers!
  • Never bring and take drugs. This is a no-brainer. You will end up in jail when you do it.
  • Unmarried couples should observe proper conduct when in public. Kissing, holding hands and hugging are not acceptable. If police found out you are not a married couple, you might be facing a legal trouble.
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  1. This is the first time I read about construction detours ‘sending a shock’ to the device (GPS) …obviously the writer either doesn’t know dick about GPS or doesn’t know how to say it, and so he/she ends up with ‘shock’ as an explanation. Very…elementary, I guess. tsk tsk tsk. And yes, never drive when you are’drank’ mean drunk???? Come on, this is a public article, ayusin nyo naman pagsusulat nyo

  2. Pork meats and religious values are not prohibited in Dubai. You can buy pork meats almost in all supermarkets there. UAE Is very tolerant with other religions and non-muslims in particular. In fact, you can find church and other religious structures right beside a mosque in Dubai. Electronic incompatibility is also not an issue. GPS and maps are also good but time consuming sometimes. There are lots of Kabayans to ask there when you’re lost or call RTA 8009090 for direction assistance. And lastly, Dubai malls and shopping stores are usually open from 10am to 10pm or until 12 in the evening. They do not close on mid day to observe prayer time. The writer of this article must go to Dubai to get the feel of what he/she is writing and not to confuse the public with his erratic article.


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