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Pros and Cons of Working in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Many expatriates and tourists come every year to witness the amazing architectural sites, warm environment and bustling downtown area. Many individuals are also moving to Dubai to find job opportunities. There are a number of advantages and drawbacks to watch out for before making the big transfer.

1. Dubai is a Muslim country

Even though it is considered more liberated compared to its neighbors, Dubai’s culture is still heavily ingrained in its Islamic roots. The advantage is, tourists are allowed to pray and go to church even though Dubai is a Muslim nation. There are churches for various religions in different places. However, people are prohibited from evangelizing Muslim residents. Especially during the month of Ramadan, you may realize how work slows down because of the frequent praying sessions. Alcoholic beverages are not also served until sunset when they break their fast.

2. Living conditions

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There are plenty of new housing and rental spaces available at relatively affordable rates. Apartments are available in different parts of the city. The cost will depend on the location, amenities and size of the room or house. The drawback is that many landlords require you to pay annual rent in full as soon as you seal the deal. You will find an agent very helpful since realtors and landlords can sometimes be difficult to deal with. Some companies provide the advantage of looking for a good place for their workers to live in. The rentals will be deducted each month automatically from your salary.


3. Working in Dubai

Dubai has a consistently growing economy so people will find different job opportunities in industries like healthcare, construction, computer, accounting, finance, etc. Investors can also start their own business in the city. There are free zones where you can set up shop and get huge sales since most Dubai residents can afford different goods and products. However, the government is currently undergoing Emiritization wherein Emiratis are given priority in terms of work or business. You will most likely be under the supervision of an Emirati official.

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4. Transportation

Going to work in Dubai is relatively easy, since there are different modes of transportation like feeder buses, taxis and private car rental companies. Many people also choose to live in apartments conveniently close to their place of work so they can conveniently walk to the office. Driving in Dubai can be problematic. There are only a few street signs and you can easily get lost by making one wrong turn.

Generally, income opportunities are good in Dubai and you can make your stay enjoyable and fulfilling by checking your employer background and status.

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  1. Locals are the best in treating others and making sure you are welcome in their country, unlike so many other countries in the world. God bless the country and all its residence.


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