Monday, March 18, 2024

Living in Riyadh

Family Doubts Illness Caused Death of Filipina Helper in Saudi Arabia

The family of a Filipina who died of an illness in Saudi Arabia expressed doubts after bruises were found...
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Cost of Living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The cost of living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, varies depending on a person's lifestyle and spending habits. However, on average, some basic expenses such...

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Living in Saudi Arabia

Jobs and Careers

Expats No Longer Allowed to Work in Car Hire Companies in Saudi Arabia

Starting March 18, only Saudi nationals will be allowed to work in car rental companies, according to spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development Khaled Aba Al-Khail. Joint inspection teams, he said, will monitor car rental companies for...
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Living in Jeddah

Law and Culture

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