Tuesday, November 22, 2022

9 Benefits of Working at Saudi Aramco

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Saudi Aramco is one of the companies in Saudi Arabia that values its employees as well as their influences to the company. Furthermore, the company provides modest salaries and reward packages to fascinate and preserve the expertise, technical skills, and competencies of expatriates from all over the world.

Saudi Aramco employees get to enjoy comprehensive benefits tailor fitted to individual needs and preferences. These benefits include the following:

  1. Insurance, Savings, and Retirement Plans. An employee gets to receive a company-shouldered retirement plan, a company-complemented savings plan, a varied range of insurance policy options, or an annual cash incentives equivalent to 17 to 19 percent of the employee’s annual base salary. This benefit renders an employee the freedom to decide on how he or she would manage his or her desired plan.
  2. Repatriation Allowance. Employees are annually paid for their travel expense from Saudi Arabia back to their point of origin. This package includes each eligible dependent of the employee who is also residing in the kingdom.
  3. Educational Assistance. Local schooling options are also offered to the dependents of the employee. Moreover, to an extent, the company also reimburses private school tuition fees of the employee’s dependents. The age at which a dependent can enroll in a private school overseas is dependent on the employee’s payroll. Travel costs from the private school overseas to the kingdom are also covered by the program.
  4. Annual Vacation. Employees are given up to 38 calendar days of vacation annually, depending upon the payroll and salary code. Moreover, an addition of 2 to 4 days transit allowance is as well allotted.
  5. Company Holidays. Apart from annual vacation entitlements, employees are also bestowed 9 to 11 days of paid holidays annually.
  6. Shipment of Personal Items. The company also pays the shipping cost of personal items from the employee’s home country to Saudi Arabia and vice versa when the employee’s contract is terminated.
  7. Base Salary. The salary offered by the company is comparable to that of the current industry pointers and standards. The base salary is dependent on the job description, qualifications and experience as well as responsibility level.
  8. Allowance for Services and Commodities. This is a separate component of the employee’s compensation package. This is provided to prevent expatriates from incurring additional costs while living in Saudi Arabia.
  9. Specific Location Allowance. In case an employee is assigned to a location or venue that necessitate scheduled nonstandard working hours, additional compensation is paid monthly.

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