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Suggested Souvenir Items from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Every time people travel, souvenirs never go out of the picture, especially when loved ones, family and friends back home know that you are going on a tour somewhere abroad. They would always ask for souvenirs or “pasalubong” and the tourist would gladly comply. So, if you are going to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, what do you bring back?

1. More expensive than most gifts those tourists usually purchase; beautiful decoupage wooden keepsake box with a map of Saudi Arabia on it. It is filled with a variety of high-end dates. They said, you have never been to Saudi Arabia if you have not brought some dates home.
2. Miniature Yemeni homes made of clay for those who have artsy side in them.
3. Playing cards with the Kings and Jacks wearing Middle Eastern headgear, and the Queens wearing face veils.
4. Henna design templates for those who are fond of henna tattoos.
5. Key chains. They may be conventional but they’re still quite famous for souvenirs.
6. Gold coin face veils generally worn by brides or for special occasions.
7. Starbucks coffee mugs. Theses have been very popular for those who travel a lot and collect different mugs from different places.
8. Purses with Arabic calligraphy. It is quite lovely gift to someone back home because of its uniqueness.
9. Cheenko – popular old time serving pieces. For those who love to serve teas and coffee to their guests.
10. Polo shirts by Kalimah Brand.  They also have an interesting variety of Arab themed T-shirts.
11. Kalimah Brand ladies long sleeved T-shirt with the shemagh (red and white checked) design incorporated into it.
12. Scarves with Arabic designs and letters by Kalimah Brand.
13. Teapots and house goods. Either for functional or display purposes. It is totally up to you.

saudi keychain

14. Decorative inlaid teapot
15. Fabrics with metal embellishments.
16. Arab salt and peppershakers – also comes as piggybanks.
17. Refrigerator magnets. Whatever designs you may prefer.

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