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Procedure for Saudi-Based Filipinos Visiting Dubai

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One of the nice things about living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the fact that there are many nearby attractive cities that one can visit during a weekend getaway. One of these cities is the well-known city of Dubai, one of the 7 emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the largest, most expensive, and most beautiful city in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Despite the very luxurious and costly lifestyle in Dubai, there are various reasons why Dubai is a must visit tourist destination. These reasons are:

  • Man-made islands. Because Dubai is an extremely wealthy city, it sponsored an offshore project where they created man made islands resembling various shapes and designs. The very first creation was an island resembling a palm tree, and the second one was better known as ‘The World’.
  • Modern architecture.Dubai showcases buildings and institutions with state-of-the-art design. One of the masterpieces is the world’s tallest hotel built in Dubai.
  • One of world’s safest cities. Dubai is one of the world’s safest cities. Because of this shopping and partying all night long is not a problem. As a matter of fact, crime is almost non-existent in the city.

Visiting the city of Dubai from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia involves a very easy process. However, before the visit an individual must prepare several documents and check whether or not he or she is eligible to visit Dubai. These documents necessary include the following:

  • Be sure to check with the Dubai Visa Center whether or not the Iqama profession an individual holds is included in the Professions Applicable for Dubai Visit Visa on Arrival.
  • Saudi expatriates with a valid and current Iqama can book a flight to Dubai and secure an on-arrival visa at the Dubai airport. This on-arrival visa is valid for 30 days.
  • Be sure to prepare the necessary documents before leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Prepare an exit and re-entry visa. If an individual is traveling with his or her family, then they can apply for a family exit and re-entry visa.
  • Request from the employer the original Iqama to visit Dubai.
  • Make sure that one holds a passport that is withat least 6 months validity and an Iqama that is at least 3 months legitimacy.


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When all the requirements are ready and all of them pass the Dubai Visit Visa conditions, an individual can already book a ticket and prepare for the processing of his or her on arrival visit visa. The following are steps that should be taken:

  • Upon arrival in Dubai, an individual must deposit 225 AED visit visa fee per person at the bank counter of the airport.
  • Get a visa application form, and completely fill it up, making sure that the details are correctly and legibly written. Moreover, each passport holder must have his or her own application form.
  • After filling out the form, go to the Eye scanning counter.
  • Go to the Immigration counter and submit a copy of the Iqama, passport, on-arrival visit visa application form, and the fee voucher. The original Iqama must also be shown to the person in charge at the immigration counter,

If everything goes fine, then the on-arrival visit visa will be released and will be valid for 30 days.

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