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What Happens if You Overstay Your Visa in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia takes its visa law seriously. A person who overstays would get punished depending on how severe his or her case is. The offender would not only be the one who would get punished but their guarantor/employer or ‘sponsor’ as well.

For the offender, they would most likely be detained first at the Saudi Detention Center and would be fined for the expenses to the trip back to the country where they would be deported. In recent years, the Kingdom started to pushed through the law in which an over stayer would even be banned to go back to Saudi up to years depending on the severity of their case.

When getting a work in Saudi Arabia, a person would be assigned a kafeel, an individual or a company that takes on the responsibility of taking care of the employees administrative paper works such as their work permit or iqama, the employment visa, exit re-entry visa when the employee comes back from a business trip or vacation and also their employees salary.

Because of the following, the kafeel would also be punished accordingly by fining the individual or company for the number of days that their employee stayed over the accounted number of days on their visa. They are fined SR 25,000 per day. This goes the same with the Umrah visa, a visiting visa used for family members of the employee. It is to be noted that this only applies when the employee has their iqama.

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