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Claiming Road Accident Insurance in Saudi Arabia

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Accidents can often happen in Saudi Arabia. In fact, statistics cited from Gulf News says “598,300 accidents occurred in 2012, an average of 1,614 a day and of 67 an hour.”

The numbers represent 8 per cent increase over 2011 and 22 per cent increase since 2009. With that in mind, it becomes imperative that insurance should be part of the plan while living and working in Saudi Arabia.

When dealing with accidents, there are certain procedures to be followed. For example, when your vehicle is involved in an accident, you shouldn’t move it until police authorities and Najm (Saudi Arabia’s official insurance company) are within the vicinity of crime scene and establish the circumstances and determine the responsible party.

Notifying Najm Company
You may notify Najm using your mobile phone by calling the toll-free number 920000560 and provide information such as.

  • Your name
  • ID / Iqama number
  • Mobile number
  • Car plate number
  • Type of car
  • Insurance policy number
  • City
  • Location of accident
  • Description of accident / distinctive marks or damages in vehicle
  • Whether vehicle can move or not
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A staff from Najm will arrive at the accident scene and helps you and, if any, other party involved in accident to evaluate the amount of loss and extent of damage. He will also direct you to the next steps to avail of insurance claims and vehicle repairs.

Please note that Najm investigates accidents without compensation from any party involved in accident. Likewise, it also important that at least one party involved in accident should hold hold a valid insurance policy issued by one of authorized insurance companies operating in Saudi Arabia and recognized by Arabian Monetary Agency.

Upon communicating with responding customer service representative, note the case number (call center agent will inform you) and date of accident to facilitate the claim process more conveniently especially when following up the case with your insurance company in the next few days or weeks.

Road Accidents Not Covered by Najm Company
There are exceptions to the above procedure. In the following instances, Najm will not be covered by Najm:

  • Accidents that happen outside the geographical coverage of Najm Company.
  • Accidents that result in death cases, injuries or fires, or a result of a natural disaster or criminal accident.
  • Accident where none of the parties to the accident have a valid insurance policy from one of the insurance companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and adopted by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.
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After a decision has been made on the cause of accident, drivers (if two or more vehicles are involed) will be given papers including the assessment of damage and a document apportioning blame which can include percentage to each driver.

Traffic Police Station
After receiving a letter from the Najm staff at the site of accident, present this to the traffic police station. This is ideally a day after the accident.

Police officers will then check the details of the letter and in the process, you’ll have to present your Iqama, driver’s license and insurance to them. For non-Arabic speaking individuals it is best to come with an Arabic-speaking interpreter.

Note that without a valid vehicle insurance, your claim cannot be processed. Therefore, you will have to go to police station to issue insurance under your name.

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Police authorities will then approve the letter from Najm and issue a separate letter acknowledging that your vehicle has been cleared for maintenance and repair works.

The entire process can take up to two hours.

Maintenance Shop
You may go to the maintenance shop recognized by the Traffic Police Department.

You will be required to present three repair quotations; the lowest quotation will be borne by the offending party (depending on the decided portion of the blame by authorities). The amount will be paid by one and recovered by the other in front of the police, and only in such time will the case be closed. Make sure that this procedure takes place. Otherwise you’ll not be allowed to leave Saudi Arabia to exit or even for vacation as the pending case will appear in computer records against your Iqama.

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