Sunday, August 14, 2022

Hong Kong OFWs

Beware of ‘Friends’ Who Value You Because of Money

Life abroad can be hard. But overseas Filipino workers can experience additional misery when they meet 'fair-weather friends' who...
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Latest News

OFW Statistics: 13 Facts & Figures About Overseas Filipino Workers

OFW statistics about Filipinos working and living abroad, their lifestyles, and demographic data continue to change. The desire to work abroad remains high, although...



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Domestic Workers

Money Remittance

6 Reasons You Do Not Send Money to the Philippines

It is a common scenario where an overseas Filipino worker or OFW begins contemplating ways to grow his hard-earned money. Do not send money just for the sake of just sending blindly without justification and good reason. An OFW will...
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OFW Families

Balikbayan Boxes

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