Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Hong Kong OFWs

Balikbayan Box Companies Filipinos in Hong Kong Should Avoid

Two cargo forwarding companies based in Hong Kong are among companies blacklisted foreign forwarders and consolidators by the Department of Trade and...
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Latest News

OFW Statistics: 13 Facts & Figures About Overseas Filipino Workers

OFW statistics about Filipinos working and living abroad, their lifestyles, and demographic data continue to change. The desire to work abroad remains high, although...



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Domestic Workers

Money Remittance

5 Important Reasons Why OFWs Need to Apply for Financial Loans

One common misconception about overseas Filipino workers is that once they start their employment abroad, they are free from debt mainly because they receive better wages, or start investing to maximize their income. Although this is true for some OFWs...
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OFW Families

Balikbayan Boxes

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