Sunday, May 22, 2022

How to Track a Holder of a Saudi Iqama

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Tracking someone is easy nowadays especially with the new technologies that are continuously being developed. GPS being the most common way to track a certain person still contains a few loopholes when it comes to tracking and one of this is if the person you are tracking even has a phone that has GPS in it. In Saudi Arabia, tracking a person using their iqama or their residence permit is now allowed in the Kingdom to let the employers know the whereabouts of their employees.

Using their mobile phones, people can now track an iqama holder using the sponsor’s ID number and the iqama holder’s ID number. Telecommunications company developed this program to make the tracking of not only the person but to help both the iqama holders and their employers access to information such as the expiration date of their iqama, the number of sponsorship transfer, and a notification in cases in which the iqama holder changes their profession straight to their mobiles.

To access this information simply type 12*SponsoIDnumber*IqamaIDnumber* then send this to 709444 for ZAIN users, 624444 for Mobily users and 888994 for STC users.


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