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Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Work in Saudi Arabia

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1.You will save a lot of money
Saudi Arabia’s lack of entertainment will force you to halt spending. Dating in Saudi Arabia is not the easiest, either. There is very little to spend your money on, except for restaurants and technology to help you reach out to the world beyond. Where things can get a little out of hand is if you’re so claustrophobic you cannot stay put for longer than a month. As long as you don’t keep taking trips out of the kingdom, you’ll build up a healthy savings account. Understand it is a very quiet place, and you will hear the call to prayers chanting through loudspeakers on almost every street, five times a day. If you’re even remotely introverted, it may be the ideal place for you to save money.

2.Tax Free
As an expat working in Saudi Arabia, you only pay 2% of your total wages into the tax/social security system. Most countries do not tax their citizens if they work abroad, except perhaps for the U.S. Even then, you’ll still be tax exempt as long as you make less than $97,600 due to the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

3.Housing And Car Allowance
Working in Saudi Arabia also provides the expat with housing and transportation allowances. You may also be given transportation to and from your work.

If not, you’ll still be given a decent transportation allowance. Not many countries offer this type of package deal.

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4.Free Ticket
Another perk of working in Saudi Arabia is the free round-trip airfare you get back to your home country. You get one ticket per year, but if you’re a good negotiator and have significant experience in your sector, you can negotiate two or even three free tickets per year. Many countries tout this as a perk, but few actually pay it. In Saudi Arabia, it’s the law, it must be paid. If they hire you as a family, they will give your entire family free airfare (within reason).


5.Annual Bonus
Unlike western employers where bonuses are reserved for managers and seniors/directors, Saudi Arabia pays generous bonuses to most employees. If you work in a bank, you can expect several months’ salary as a bonus at the end of the fiscal year (usually paid in the first quarter of the following year). If you’re in the investment sector, you can get much more.

6.Central Location
Money aside, working in Saudi Arabia does have a significant advantage. You’re centrally located on the world map. If you enjoy travel and adventure, you have Africa to your left, Central and East Asia to your right, and all of Europe to the North. Some of the most popular destinations, such as Paris, Mumbai, and Cairo are only a few hours away. You can even make it to Thailand or Vietnam in roughly eight hours.

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7.Culture & People
Last and definitely not least, you’ll make some awesome friends. Due to its conservative laws, many opt for group activities and form close friendships that simply could not be formed elsewhere. You’ll also make business contacts that are invaluable.

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