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How to Claim Death Benefits From Saudi GOSI

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Legal beneficiaries of eligible workers in Saudi Arabia who are covered by social insurance benefits from the General Organization for Social Insurance or GOSI will receive benefits on behalf of their relative who died in the country on a work-related accident.

Here is the process on how to claim such benefits.

1. The worker’s employer will officially notify GOSI’s Overseas Benefits Department of the death of the employee, along with cause of death as determined by medical and police reports.

2. If an overseas Filipino worker is a member of GOSI and cause of death is work-related, the GOSI Overseas Benefits Department will send, through registered mail, the GOSI form (including the list of required legal documents) to the reported legal beneficiaries of the deceased OFW in the Philippines.

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It is important to note that the GOSI form must be duly accomplished and notarized by the Regional Trial Court or Municipal Trial Court under which family of deceased worker is residing.

Also, the GOSI form and the required legal documents must be duly authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Manila.

Upon completion of the required authentication, the GOSI form and the required legal documents should be mailed back to GOSI-Riyadh Overseas Benefits Department.

3. GOSI-Riyadh will process the submitted GOSI form and documents and if it finds that all submitted documents are in order, it will compute the insurance benefits and the check will be mailed directly to the deceased OFW’s beneficiaries.

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GOSI-Riyadh will only communicate with the deceased OFW’s beneficiaries and insurance benefits will be mailed to them directly. The insurance benefits will no longer be coursed through the Philippine Embassy or with any other Philippine and/or Saudi government agency.

The Philippine Embassy, if requested by the deceased OFW’s beneficiaries, can only verify the status of the insurance benefits with GOSI-Riyadh’s Overseas Benefits Department. The Embassy will then request for the GOSI number of the deceased OFW. The GOSI number is a 9-digit combination that starts with the number 8.

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