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Is Saudi Arabia A Safe Place for Workers?

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The element of expat safety in Saudi Arabia is of great concern to the foreign nationals who wish to relocate to this nation for employment purposes.

Apparently, information about expatriate safety in Saudi Arabia is sketchy but this should not deter the expats who wish to work in this country. The following factors constitute safety concerns for expatriate workers.

1. Reckless driving. Saudi Arabia has one of the highest fatality rates for road accidents. Whether right wrong, fatal road accidents are very common in Saudi Arabia. In order to be secure on the roads in Saudi Arabia, the expats should exercise extreme caution and should try to give way to any traffic that may seem threatening to safety.

2. Terrorism. While Saudi Arabia perceivably does not harbour terrorist elements and even assists in going against them but the issue of terrorism should not be overlooked. In order for the expats to be on the safe side, they should always try to live in secure compounds. The expats should also try to get information about safety tips from the locals who have knowledge about this country. Expatriates themselves should not display any suspicious behaviour that may be linked to terrorism since this can pose a threat to their safety.

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3. System of governance. Saudi Arabia is ruled by the monarchy and it is responsible for running all the affairs of the kingdom. However, talking negatively about the monarchy poses a serious security risk to the expatriate workers. All the same, expats should not be scared to visit this country as they can live safely in this country if they avoid talking negatively about the monarchy. Therefore, it is better for the expats not to comment on anything related to the kingdom since this is very dangerous.

4. Rule of law. All the laws in Saudi Arabia are derived from Sharia based on moral code and religious law of a prophetic religion. One of the most unfortunate things about Shariah law is that it is discriminatory against the foreigners. The judges have the audacity to make any judgement even against the evidence presented in the courts. This is a major threat to the security of the expats as they often find themselves with little or no defense even if they are in the supposed favorable side of the law. The best way to stay safely for the expats is to avoid filing lawsuits against people especially the locals as the repercussions can be overwhelmingly one-sided.


Above all, Saudi Arabia is not as bad as portrayed in some sections of the media with regards to expat safety. Indeed, there are security issues that ought to be taken into consideration by the expats before they make a final decision to visit this particular country. All the expats who follow some of the safety tips provided above are likely to enjoy their stay in this country.

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Each country has its laws and these are some of the laws for this nation. More importantly, abiding by the laws in this country is the best remedy to be on the safe side.

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