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Working Hours and Overtime Arrangements in Saudi Arabia

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Working and overtime hours — although stated in an employment contract — are least paid attention to when expats reach the Kingdom. In nearly all cases, Filipinos work beyond normal hours yet paid the very least (and sometimes, nothing). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has actually labor law that protects the working and overtime arrangements of workers, but many Filipinos do not know their rights about the matter and do not demand for change.

Working Hours in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • According to the Article 98 of Saudi Labor Law, an expat is allowed to work 48 hours a week. If the employer asks for overtime, the law permits it.
  • According to the Article 107 of Saudi Labor Law, overtime pay is equivalent to 150% of the normal wage. The same rate is applicable when the expat works during the Kingdom’s holiday such as Hajj, Eid and other national celebrations.
  • According to the Article 98 of Saudi Labor Law, working hours should be reduced to 36 hours weekly (that is, 6 hours a day of work) during Ramadan. In other words, from regular 1 day off a week, the expat has now two day-offs. In addition, if the expat is compelled to work during this time, the worker is entitled of 150% of the normal wage overtime pay. This working benefit however prioritizes the Muslim workers.
  • According to Article 107 of Saudi Labor Law, the maximum number of working hours per week is 60. That is, 10 hours per week.

Overtime Hours in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Expats who occupy the highest managerial positions are exempted from overtimes. The same holds true to employees whose positions involve instructing or providing authority over workers. According to Article 7 of Saudi Labor Law, the following occupations are likewise exempted from the Saudi Labor Law: domestic helpers, employer?s family members, agricultural workers, sea workers and players of sport clubs.

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Computation Sample:
The minimum monthly salary of a dental assistant in Saudi Arabia is $2, 700. Find out how working and overtime pay is computed if one spends 10 hours overtime in a month:

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Daily pay: $2,700/30 = $ 90
Working hours: 8 hours
Salary per hour: $ 90 / 8 = $ 11.5
Overtime per hour: $ 11.5 x 1.5 = $16.875
Total overtime: $ 16.875 x 10 = $ 168.75

Important Note:
Expats who work in broken time has a total of 9 working hours. It should be noted that prayer times are not included in the computed working hours.

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