Pinay Caregiver Ordered to Leave Canada for Working Without Proper Documentation

A Filipina working as caregiver in Prince George, British Columbia has been ordered to leave Canada after her working permit application has been denied.

Daisy Lonogan, who previously worked as domestic helper in Hong Kong, has been seeking help to let her remain in Canada.

Lonogan arrived in Canada in April 2014 and settled in Prince George. According to reports, she was working unpaid for the first 15 days, she was let go then asked to come back again in July. But after just four months, she resigned.

She managed to find a new employer but had to wait five months before both parties can sign a contract. While applying for a new work permit, Lonongan received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada asking her to explain what she did after leaving her first employer. An immigration officer later paid her a visit and told Lonogan someone reported that she has already worked for the new employer even without proper documentation.

While Migrante BC urged Filipino groups and labor advocates to extend assistance to Lonogan, her case also indicates the need for the Philippine government to provide adequate information to ensure that temporary workers understand the laws of countries they will work.

“Nagbabayad sila. Dapat lamang na kapalit ng bayad nila dito ay yung magkaroon sila ng edukasyon sa mga batas ng kanilang pupuntahan,” said Leo Alejandrina of Migrante BC.

Lonogan expressed regrent for violating Canada laws but also asked for lenience so she can stay in the country.

“Alam ko mali ‘yung ginawa ko but then I really needed a job. Hindi naman ako nagnakaw. Hindi naman ako gumawa ng crime so sana man lang maawa naman sila,” she said.