How to Qualify for Working Holiday in Canada

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Definition of Working Holiday
Working holiday is a type of visa designed for Costa Rica citizens (and other nationalities) who intend to visit Canada and find work temporarily to sustain the individual’s financial needs while he or she’s in the country. Working holiday visa is valid for 12 months.

Working holiday visa is also available in other countries and for other nationalities. However, eligibility requirements may differ. A working holiday visa is actually an agreement between two particular countries that allow their citizens to stay and work permanently in either country. To get a list of countries with working holiday agreements in Canada, find out here.

What to Expect on Working Holiday
Following the assessment of documents, the applicant should receive a letter of introduction coming from the consulate of the country of origin stating that he or she can enter and stay in Canada for a period of 12 months. This includes finding a job of his or her choice. However, in any case the applicant had been issued by letter of introduction, he or she cannot apply for another until the visa is used.

Applicants need not to have an employment offer before he or she can apply for working holiday visa. Yet, applicants can extend his or her stay in Canada when he or she can find an employer who can sponsor for an employment pass.

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Eligibility Qualifications for Working Holiday
To qualify for working holiday visa:

· The applicant should be between 18 and 35 years old.
· A resident of Costa Rica with valid a Costa Rican passport.
· Proof of sufficient funds approximately $ 2, 2600.
· The applicant must not be accompanied by any dependant.
· Proof of health insurance.
· The applicant should hold a return ticket to Costa Rica.
· The applicant should be cleared from any criminal case.

Former applicants of working holiday visa in Canada should wait for a minimum of 3 months before they can submit a new application. Oftentimes, medical exam is not required for working holiday visa application. But call to mind that the government of Canada has the full rights to reject an application if the person is proven to be physically ill and incapacitated.


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Application Process for Working Holiday
Application fee for working holiday visa in Canada costs $136, and the processing times runs virtually 8 weeks. The applicant can apply for working holiday visa directly or through an agent. To know more about working holiday visa, click here.

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