Things That are More Expensive to Buy in Canada

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Canada is one of the best places to live in with its economy, clean environment, low tax and other unlimited opportunities. What makes it better and more attractive to foreigners is that the country welcomes immigrants and allows for diversity of culture and beliefs with respect in a secure community. Probably the only downside to this is the harsh winter, talk about an all-white and cold season.

Seeing the advantages of this neutral country makes for determined settlers trying their luck with the Great White North. Endless paperwork, files and confusing processes, when all is done and settled comes the surprise.

Everything is more expensive in Canada!

One reason is the exchange in currency from US dollar to Canadian. Another thing is their sales tax. Canada takes a whopping 12-14% sales tax out of commercial products as well as a large percentage of income tax (probably the budget for healthcare). Biggest reason as well as the heaviest is the import tax and transportation service. Canada is one of the biggest landmasses so it stands that the transportation for the products hold weight in their prices, the fact that the population and market is small also holds an issue. Other resources even point out that some manufacturers deliberately put their prices higher because most would actually pay for it.

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That said, most others speculate that the prices in Canada are and exaggeration if you will only base on above reasons. In fact, there are even articles and reports on Canada-US price gap, though these only point out recommendations and fails to recognize the root of cause.

Here’s a list on what costs more when you live in Canada.

Printed works are typically cheaper in US with a price gap of 6-8%. The main culprit for these is economics. The exchange of Canadian dollar coupled with the Canadian Copyright rules which grants Canadian distributors with exclusivity gives a 10% price difference.

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Food and consumables
Border patrol controls what you can and cannot bring over the border and all foodstuff from other places must be declared for domestic supply management and food safety. Extremely high tariff are imposed on commodities.

The tariffs for clothing ranges from 0-18% depending on where it was manufactured or bought. Even those from the nearby regions are made more expensive. There is simply a small market for ready to wear clothing in Canada.

Appliances and Electronics
Imported electronics are taxed 3-5% and has an additional 8-10% in complying with Canadian standards. Prices are also soaring to protect domestic industry and generate revenue.

Cellular Phone Internet Plans
These technology and the like are monopolized in Canada. Basically there is no competition in this field leaving Canada no choice but to pay up expensive fees for pretty much average service.

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High prices are a small thing to pay for when you think of all the benefits you can have by living in Canada. And your wages and income are also enough to pay for it. The occasional high prices are also manageable with budget plans and of course holiday sales. That said, you just have to get used to the cost of living. Besides, Canada is still one of the best places to live in.

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