What You Should Know About Edmonton

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There are plenty of reasons why Edmonton is a great place to live — good job prospects, affordable cost of living, cheap housing to name a few. This article provides an overview of one of the most interesting cities in Canada, the Edmonton.

5 Weird Facts about Edmonton

1. Edmonton has the largest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall.
2. You can see no rats in Edmonton!
3. There are 70 golf courses in Edmonton.
4. Edmonton is one of the best cities for Northern Lights viewing.
5. Edmonton celebrates no less than 30 festivals a year.


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Demographic Profile

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. As of April 2012, the city’s official population is 817,498 (the metropolitan population census runs up to 1,159,869). Edmonton is actually the 5th city in Canada. A resident of Edmonton is referred to as Edmontonian. Edmonton is located in the northernmost part in North America. Thus, the city is sometimes called as Canada’s Getaway to the North.

Weather and Climate

The climate in Edmonton is described as humid continental, meaning the city experiences large temperature differences. Precipitation is widely distributed in the area too. The highest temperature ever recorded in Edmonton was 38.3 °C in 1998 while the lowest temperature was
−49.4 °C in 1886. Edmonton has four seasons with spring and autumn highly variable in duration. The months of July and August have the warmest weather while July is the time with the most rain and thunderstorms though they are often short.

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Edmonton is a culture center. Known as a Festival City, Edmonton expedites a slate of festivals, around 30 celebrations a year. The city also has the largest mall in North America and the largest living museum in the history. More than that, Edmonton is very popular for its unparalleled performing arts.


Edmonton is a beautiful country. It has the highest amount of parkland, a large public area of land preserved in its very own natural state. Moreover, the city of Edmonton has good environmental programs and services such as city clean up, environmental planning and city waste management.

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To know more about these programs, click here.


A great number of Edmontonians are Protestants, 31%. This is followed by Catholics accounting for 29%. Muslims and Jewish comprise the minority of religions. Meanwhile, one of the greatest concerns of the government officials at present is the increasing crime rate in the city ranking Edmonton as the 19th is now actually higher than the national average.


Edmonton is referred to as the Oil Capital of Canada due to abundant oil and gas reserves of the city. It is actually the second largest oil reserve in the world following Saudi Arabia. The economy of Edmonton has boosted over the years making it a major financial center in the country. The Financial Times has named the city as the best economic potential due to its ideal spot for business distribution. It has strong scientific and high-tech business sector that leads towards exceptional both economic and environmental stewardship.

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