Calgary: Interesting Facts and Information

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Calgary is a city situated in the province of Alberta, Canada. Calgary is the largest city in the province, and currently the 5th CowTown because Calgarians tend to almost always project a “cowboy image”.

Do you know? Calgary became the first city in Canada to host the most exciting Olympic Winter Games in 1988.


The economy of Calgary is centered on petroleum and agriculture. Calgary is rich of oil. It was firstly discovered in 1902 but did not turn significant until 1947. Due to the abundant source of oil and gas, Calgary has high GDP per capita and lower unemployment rate. It has a strong job market and overall, improved quality of life of the residents. A high percentage of workers in Calgary belong to high collar jobs.

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Calgary is known as a youthful city with inhabitants having the average age of 36. It is also homed with people speaking more or less 120 languages. According to the survey, Calgary has the largest number of millionaires than any other city in Canada. Overall, the city has fairly high Mercer Quality of Living Surveys. As of 2013, Calgary has a population of 1,149,552.



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In 2007, Calgary was named as the cleanest city in the world by Forbes. In the same way, a survey result conducted by Money Sense in 2013 claiming Calgary as the best city in Canada. The city was also recognized as the most eco-friendly nation in reference to proper sewage systems, water quality, and pollution control and traffic management.


The city is known for activity called Calgary Stampede, an annual event conducted every July. It is claimed as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth because it features the world’s greatest concert and biggest exhibits.

Weather and Climate

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Calgary has wide temperature differences. The city has cold and dry weather conditions with variable winters and warm summers. Despite having temperature extremes, Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada. The first month of the year is the coldest month. Calgary also experiences some of the worse weather conditions such as hailstorm although tornados are very rare in the city.

Tourist and Attractions

Calgary has both cultural and nightlife venues. It also has a number of public squares and shopping areas. The following are some attractions and places to visit in Calgary:

  • Aero Space Museum
  • Banff National Park
  • Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs
  • Bow Habitat Station and Fish Hatchery
  • Butterfield Acres Farm
  • Calgary Corn Maze
  • Calgary Science Center
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