Canada Immigration Advisors in the United Arab Emirates

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The following immigration consultants and advisors in the United Arab Emirates Canada Immigration Advisors in Hong Kong are registered under the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

ICCRC is the national regulatory body that oversees regulated Canadian immigration professionals. Designated by the federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, ICCRC began regulating immigration consultants in 2011, and citizenship consultants and international student advisors in 2015.

ICCRC maintains a registry of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) and Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs) to identify the professionals it regulates and to disclose their fitness to practice.

For more updated details about the immigration consultant listed below, please refer to the ICCRC registry search page.

Name Status Consultant Identification
Al-Sabagh, Mohamad Active Contact R406759
Al-Silwadi, Bahaa Moh’d Mousa Active Contact R406767
Ali, Passent Active Contact R512561
Barcicki, Henryk Administrative Revocation R407567
D’Souza, Alastair Christopher Merril Active Contact R410063
El Shurafa, Ziad Disciplinary Revocation R410255
El-Abassi, Samer Resigned R410271
El-Shurafa, Salma Active Contact R410319
Elkord, Emad Active Contact R410247
Hathi, Miti Active Contact R522444
Kachalia, Mohammed Arif Administrative Revocation R412671
Kazerouni, Nader Active Contact R413047
Kazerouni, Rasouleh Administrative Revocation R422847
Khattab, Mahmoud Active Contact R413335
Lakhani, Shanaz Active Contact R413855
MacDonald, Kathryn, Mary Active Contact R414887
Raj, Nimin Active Contact R522069
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